How to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10

Shots seized by the Camera app in Windows 10 are self stored in the Camera roll folder of the Pictures location. Not many users are in favor of this location. And hence they prefer to change location to save photos of Camera app. This choice of decision varies from person to person. In this article, we will pen down the steps to see How to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10.

Windows 10 empowers you change Drive to save files. The changes are carried out through the Settings whereas Camera app also offers you a link that will directly fetch you to the Settings area. Though there are two ways both of them end at a single point. Let us go through the process and see How to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10.

How to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10

  • Roll out the Start Menu and pick the gear symbol of the Settings app.
Gear symbol of Settings app in Windows 10 Start Menu
  • After the appearance of the Settings app, choose System.
System category under Settings window in Windows 10
  • On the left fringe, look for Storage. Click on it.
Storage setting under System segment of Windows 10 Settings app
  • Alternatively, you can open this Storage if your Camera app is opened.
  • Open the three dots located at the far to the right of the app.
Camera app displays three dots at the upper right edge
  • Among the two options select Settings.
Windows 10 Settings option under Camera app
  • Come a little bit down and administer a click on Change where Photos and Videos are saved.
  • This action switches you to the Storage segment of System category of the Settings application.
  • Now, come down to the second half of the window, Save locations.
  • Take a look at the New pictures will save to option.
New pictures will save to option in the Storage settings to Change Location to Save Photos by Camera App in Windows 10
  • Extract its menu and you can see the drives. Choose your convenient drive.
Pick up the new drive to save pictures
  • From now onwards, whenever you take shots, they are saved in the afresh selected drive.
  • You are done!!!

Unveil the drive that you have opted for the pictures and under your username you could notice Camera roll folder exists. All the single and multiple shots taken via Photo burst as well will be stored there. Give an attempt!!!

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