How to Find the Version of Windows Installed on System

When a newbie buys a PC or a window operating system is installed on his PC he is always eager to know the version of Windows installed on system. There are numerous ways you reach up to the version details Windows on your PC. Read some of them further.

I had witnessed a few kids today whose topic of discussion was about Windows 10 operating system. I made all my ears to their discussions and realized that they are super smart in terms of technology. Those smart kids were planning to target the elders about how they would find out what version of Windows they have installed in their systems. Their question puzzled me a bit and I started wondering whether I can find out the same thing on my system. Ah! After a pause moment, I realized I know how to get the information of the installed Windows!

But still, I decided to help those who don’t know how to find what version of Windows they have installed. Though the steps are very easy, they do differ from the previous versions of Windows. Let’s learn the process now.

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How to Find the Version of Windows Installed on System

Settings App

Allow the Settings app on your PC by jointly pressing the Win+I keys. Then, in the home screen of Settings, click the first icon which reads as System.

Version of Windows Installed on System

Now, click About tab on the left sidebar of the succeeding interface.

Version of Windows Installed on System

Lastly, move to the right portion and there you can spot all the significant details of your operating system.

Version of Windows Installed on System

System Window of Control Panel

Whatever operating system you are using on your system, its description will be found in the System section of Control Panel. There are few numerous methods to access the System window. Let’s deal with them one after another.

Bring the Control Panel on your screen. If your Control Panel is on the Category mode then select System and Security part followed by a click on the System.

system and security window

In case you are viewing the Classic mode of Control Panel directly look for the System option and click on it.

system link on control panel all items

In the below screenshot, you can see the System panel of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

view basic info about your pc

We have another method applying which you can get access to the System panel. Right click on This PC icon of the Windows Desktop and select Properties option. That’s it! You are into the System window or you can say System window is in front of you.

this pc properties

Windows Edition and Details of System Type

Till now you have learned the various ways of launching the System panel. Now I will tell you what details does this System panel provide you? Windows edition is the first section and System section is on the second spot.

On the first section, you will see the name of the Windows edition that has been installed on your system. On the next half of the System panel i.e. under the System section you will find the details of the kind of installed processor, installed memory (RAM), the type of your operating system (whether you are using 32–bit or 64–bit).

Windows 10 Technical Preview for pro

Somewhere I read that if you jointly tap Windows and Pause keys of your keyboard you can get into the System panel. And actually, it works!

Winver Command

Well, there is one more way to know the version of Windows installed on system. Press Windows and R keys to bring up the Run command window on your screen.

Version of Windows Installed on System

Then type winver on the command field and click Ok to get the information about the Windows.

You can even type winver in the search field of the Start Menu and choose the correct option to look at the details of the running Windows.

How to Find the Version of Windows Installed on System

The About Windows will pop up on the screen exhibiting the version of the installed operating system.

about windows


By the end of this article, I am pretty much sure that now everyone will be able to find the Version of Windows Installed on System.

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