Firefox Shows Banner ads on New Tab Page

As a regular surfer, it will be pretty hard to hear that Firefox Shows Banner ads on New Tab Page from its latest update. The browser from Mozilla is possibly the most popular browser of this age and this act is getting detrimental with the users. These advertisements contain irreverent promotional posts and embarrassing for the people who regularly surf on Internet too.  However, Mozilla has kept room also to stop this as they are agitated through functionality as they named it “Snippets” as well. See – Enable or Disable Stand-alone Search Bar to Toolbar in Firefox.

Snippets service is indeed a Functionality put forward by Mozilla and the Advertisements are powered by it. To define, this one according to the company is: “intended to assemble and deliver content snippets”. The prime motive of this service to provide Seasonal Greetings, highlighting features as well as sending the suggestion to others for using the Firefox browser. Unfortunately, the ideology is diverted a little in recent days. Users are now seeing ads of promotional topics like Hotel, Holiday packages, and too many things.

Firefox Shows Banner ads on New Tab Page

However, the browser adds a section Snippet in the Home tab of the Options window to control the banner ads visibility. You can disable this feature eventually restrict the browser from showing advertisements using the following steps.

Step-1: Launch the Mozilla Firefox Browser from your PC and click on the Address bar.

Step-2: Copy, paste the following URL here and then press the Enter button –about:preferences#home

Step-3: Once the page appears in a window, scroll down and reach out to Snippets.

Step-4: Uncheck the box before it to stop the service.

Firefox Shows Banner ads on New Tab Page

The action will stop the functionality of Snippets eventually blocks Firefox Shows Banner ads on New Tab Page. Until you annually check it again and you won’t see any sponsored advertisements. This is not a permanent remedy and therefore the organization itself should come forward to stop this. Otherwise, their popularity might be at a stake.

Is the Service available everywhere?

This service is not available worldwide rather contained in a limited Geographical region. Till the time, the feature is annoying the users from the United States of America only.

That’s all!!!

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