Fix FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll in Windows 11/10

Methods to solve “FiveM has encountered an error Could not load component adhesive.dll – Windows error code xyz”.

FiveM is a multiplayer modification framework for GTA V developed by facilitating you to play on customized dedicated servers. The “FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll” error is encountered within the FiveM modification framework for GTA V which signals a failure to load the Adhesive.dll component. This issue may arise during the initialization of FiveM and prevent proper gameplay for you. Causes of this error include corrupted game files, outdated or incompatible graphics drivers, interference from antivirus or firewall software, and potential issues with the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages.

Whatever the reason, we have the solution for this Adhesive.dll error in Windows. Here we will reveal the best possible methods, with detailed and specific steps to apply, to troubleshoot this critical error to ensure that you can enjoy games smoothly.

FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll

FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll

Here is how to fix the FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll error in Windows:

Verify Game Files

Verifying your game files can potentially resolve the Adhesive.dll error in your Windows. By ensuring the integrity of your GTA V files, you may fix any corruption issues that could be causing the DLL loading problem within the FiveM modification framework. Here is the process to verify game files:

  • Access your Steam Game “Library” (“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” for 64-bit system or “C:\Program Files\Steam” for 32-bit system).
  • Right-click on the target game.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Navigate to “Local Files”.
  • Now, click “Verify integrity of game files”.
  • Steam will check your game files which may take a few minutes. Upon completion, a confirmation box will appear if your game files are in order.

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Uninstall & Reinstall FiveM

Reinstalling FiveM can be an effective solution to the FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll error in Windows.

By conducting a fresh installation, you can rectify any corrupted or missing files causing the DLL loading issue which can potentially resolve the error and allow for smoother gameplay. Apply the following steps to uninstall and reinstall FiveM:

  • You can simply uninstall FiveM by deleting the folder if the application is installed in a separate or empty folder.
  • Otherwise, press “Win+R” and type “appwiz.cpl”.
  • Locate FiveM from all the applications, right-click on it, and choose “uninstall”.
  • Now, go to the FiveM website and download the “FiveM” installer compatible with your Windows.
  • Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of FiveM.

Check for Malware

When you are facing the Adhesive.dll error in your Windows, checking Malware can be a handy method to identify whether your device is under any external attack. Execute the steps below to check Malware:

  • Open Windows Security from “Start > Settings > Privacy & security”.
  • Now, click on “Windows security”.
  • Select “Virus & threat protection”.
  • Click “Scan options”.
  • Then, select “Quick scan” for a speedy check of malware or other virus attack.
  • Choose “Scan now”.
  • Allow the system to scan for potential threats and review the scan results for any detected issues.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Reinstalling Visual C++ Redistributable may resolve the FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll error in Windows for you.

By reinstalling this component, you can address potential issues with DLL files, potentially fixing the error and allowing for the proper functioning of the FiveM modification framework. Here is how you can do it:

  • Click on the “Start” button in the bottom-left corner of your PC screen.
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” in the search bar.
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard to open the Control Panel.
  • Uninstall the “Microsoft Visual C++” components.
  • Now, go to the Microsoft website and download the latest “Visual C++ Redistributable” version.
  • Double-click on the downloaded installer and follow the instructions to reinstall it.

Contact FiveM Support

If all of the above methods go in vain to solve the error, you should now consider reaching out to the official FiveM support forums or contacting their support team for further assistance.

They may provide specific guidance based on the current state of the mod and any updates or patches that have been released to solve the FiveM Could Not Load Component Adhesive.dll error.

That’s all!!

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