How to Fix USB Modem or Dongle or Data Card Connection Problems

These days usage of wireless internet device is increasing wide-spread. So, USB Dongle has become a necessary device to get access to the internet anytime for Internet users. Generally, USB Dongle is known with different words like USB modem or Data Card. This device lets you surf or access internet anyplace using your laptop or desktop. But sometimes you face a difficult situation when your data card hangs or doesn’t respond. There are various reasons that create Dongle issue on your system. In this regard, I am going to discuss how you can fix the issue so that a well operating Dongle may work easily to surf Internet.


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How to Fix USB Modem or Dongle or Data Card Connection Problems

You insert your USB Dongle with the purpose to surf internet but not capable of browsing internet due to several connection problems. Many internet users have complained about following reactions after coming across dongle issues.

  • The interface of built-in connection software of the Data card doesn’t open
  • USB Dongle doesn’t show the connected USB port
  • Error in network connection
  • USB Data Card doesn’t respond
  • USB Data install but never start anything.  
How to Fix USB Modem or Dongle or Data Card Connection Problems

Fix issues with USB Dongle or USB Data Card

  • At first, make sure that the SIM card is put correctly inside the data card SIM card slot.
  • After plugging in USB Dongle, if it’s not recognized by your system then remove the dongle connection software and install again after rebooting the system. Next, try to plug-in the USB modem again. If the same issue continues then it denotes USB driver problems. To solve these issues, go to the device manager and update every USB device driver.
  • Confirm that your USB connection has not been disabled already and your USB port is working accurately. In this situation, you have a better option to plug the USB modem to another USB port on the system.
  • When you click on the Connect option on the USB modem connection software and you notice that the data card hangs unexpectedly. Actually outdated driver is the main reason behind hanging the USB card or modem on your computer.
  • Then visit the manufacturer website of USB modem and find the latest update USB drive for the data card.  If it is available then download and install the updated USB dongle drivers on your computer.
  • In case, your USB dongle is not getting to connect the Internet then confirm the status of network signals on your dongle interface.
  • Once you have connected internet connection using Data card but unable to browse in your browser. Then your browser has changed in offline mode. To solve it, go to browser settings and disable the offline mode.

After trying out to Fix USB Modem or Dongle or Data Card Connection Problems using the above tips, you can browse internet without any annoyance from next time.

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  1. Hi,
    I have some issues with my dongle

    While on zoom meeting the sim card pops out from the mobile dongle. What could be the reason?
    Thanks, Nilan

  2. Gift mtolongo


    This is so helpful please keep on help us when ever we have questions

  3. My wayona data card is able to find 2g networks but unable to find a 3g network for past 2 weeks. It was working good before that.. 3g is properly working in my android but not even a single 3G connection available in the data card. Any suggestion on how to fix that

  4. sir,
    I am using win 7 ultimate, using unlocked airtel USB dongle with jio 4G sim, I was getting connection by just plug in, unfortunately, I had deleted Kaspersky internet security, after that, I was not getting the internet connection.
    Sim not detected.
    I do not have software CD, will you please help me, please.

  5. hHarishchandra v malvade


    h i have iball, D link dongle when use sim from mobile it works for some time and then stops it cant run till the song is over where may be the problem

  6. My idea Huawei 3g smart wifi netsetter keeps on disconnecting after about 5-10 mins.A popup says “Timeout, need to sign in” I end up sign in and out 20 times a day.I am using windows 7 on my desktop. Also, the download speed is too slow about 3-4 kbps. I am using this setup as a remote machine. Would flashing it help? and or reconfiguring it help.

  7. sushmita patel


    I m trying to connect my dongle along with reliance sim with my laptop but its showing error what can I do how to fix for protocol problem

  8. My dongle modem goes offline about once a week-i noticed that the led light will stop blinking . It goes online again only after unplug / plug back the modem and the led light will blink again.
    What could be the issue?
    It is used for remote monitoring of a system.
    Appreciate your advise.

  9. k panneerselvam


    I have the some problems when i connect through the way of modem to connect the internet in the laptop or pc the connection of signal strength is good.
    But the way of browsing page is alway displayed only the “the page cannot be displayed”.so i do not know the what is the problem so immediately to be solve the problems

  10. Apoorba Dogra


    I’ve a reliance 3G dongle and I cannot see any setup install option.
    What can I do now?

  11. My PC does not connect to cellular shows cellular name. but when click on connect, it shows connection failed.plzz.provide me help,to solve it.

  12. My ZTE dongle ,give response
    “Connection failed’,when click to button.plzz give me suggestion to solve it

  13. Deepshikha Rathore


    Thanks for the help… Truly amazing ??

  14. Prabhat Kumar Singh


    I had a data card Digisol Broadband adapter 3G/4G support when I am going to install the data card it shows “Please close the application first”. My systems os is Windows 7.

  15. Hi..I have connected idea netsetter to my laptop and clicked connect option in the netseter panel and its showing no internet access and not connecting to any webpages.How to resolve this issue.please help.

  16. abhishek singh


    i having a dlink datacard .but i having problem on connecting e.g.on connect this show dial up connection is failed…plz give solution

  17. What the error is written?

  18. I have hawi modem n when I click on connect option it shows connection terminated what is the problem

  19. Dongle needs change.

  20. My bsnl 3g teracom dongle shows no sim even if it is inserted. But I use same sim in mobile for internet without any problem.

  21. when modem is inserted in the laptop with vodafone net sim . only one comments shows in the laptop that dial up connection is failed .how to slove the problem



    My Fun Connect Datacard responds to my protocol….It shows that the Sim/Usim is inserted but can’t recognise which one….It ran fluently before….but as it does not recognise which Sim/Usim I have connected it does not allow me to connect to the internet

  23. i bought a iball 3.5gh-72 dongle a year ago. For few months i used only 1 sim (2g, docomo), but when i tried wid other sim, it hanged.
    I check for driver on internet(inc. iball site) but found nothing…
    Please help…
    Thanx in advance

  24. Is there any difference in dongle of outside india to indian one. I have used in indonesia was working perfectly, but in india shows no network. pl. give solution to it

  25. Uninstall and reinstall data card driver through device manager of your laptop, the issue will be fixed.

  26. but my pendrive is supported and works fine in my laptop

  27. It seems that port related issue exists on your Laptop. Update driver of ports.

  28. My dongle is not supported me or recognized by my laptop.
    When i attach dongle in laptop it gives sound but it does not show,
    i tried my friend’s dongle but same problem exist
    whereas my dongle works in other pcs

  29. restart your Laptop. If it is not fix unninstall netsetter app and install again. I hope it will start working.

  30. my reliance netsetter is unlocked, n earlier it had connected with same idea sim, correct apn setting it is not connecting to my laptop (w8,i5) but connecting to my pc (xp)

  31. At first wait for a while, It may be Network Problem.

  32. otto stegmann


    I have a 2degrees usb dongle modem which was working fine all along and now when i connect it says no coverage or it picks up 2g which is pretty helpless at first i thought i had no more credit but then i put in my mobile sim card and to no avail same issue put the dongle sim into my mobile fone no problem it connects to the internet what could the issue be please help thank you