Indian Railways Enquiry Apps for Windows 8 / 10 to get all Train Information

These days it is a difficult task to book an Indian railway ticket online through IRCTC portal due to slow running web traffic. Many users are also unable to find out train related details quickly at IRCTC portal. These details include the available train between source and destination, station codes, seat availability, stoppage details, running status and etc. Though you can know these details simply by visiting Indian railways official website.

If you are working on windows 8, you can get all train details directly from your home screen using two best apps. In this tips, I am going to discuss Indian Railways based two Windows 8 apps that will assist you to perform railway Enquiry related all tasks only by single click.

1. Rail Enquiry

Rail Enquiry is a user-friendly app with simple interface for windows 8. Using this app, you can search train no., station code, and current PNR status immediately.

How to use Rail Enquiry app:

  • When you launch the Rail Enquiry app after installing from windows store through below given link, it displays information about superfast express trains, special trains and many more which are running across several stations.
rail enquiry app
  • If you like to find information about any train on the available train list, click on the train tab then you will get complete information as well as every station from source to destination with accurate reaching times or delays.
  • You can choose the information bar and insert related query at left panel of the app interface. Then you will get the results on the right panel.
  • To search train details for example train schedule, days running on, seat availability and current running status then click on the tab below train status with the present date. Rest of the detailed results will appear below current status.
  • In addition, you will view that the stations already covered by the train are pointed out with the different color.
  • To check seat availability for the particular train for upcoming days and fare, firstly you need to select the train. As soon as you insert the train info on the screen, right click on blank space. Then you will get the seat availability option at bottom of the app screen.
  • To search any station, you can enter the station code instantly if you are familiar with it. Otherwise, you can type the station name to find the search results. Next, click on the correct search result and you will see list of all the trains scheduled from that station for next 3-5 hours.
  • Besides you can also track the live running status of the selected train on Google Maps with support of Rail Radar website.

Get live position of trains

  • The PNR status check option is fairly useful. It gives you the details of your booking train ticket like confirmation of birth. To check out the PNR status, enter the 10 digit PNR number and click on the search button.


One remarkable thing about Rail Enquiry app, you can know also every details about Passenger trains runs all over India.

Downloading  Rail Enquiry app from Windows 8 app store

2. Indian Rail Enquiry App

Indian Rail Enquiry is a simple app for Windows 8. The interface of this app is not so attractive and user friendly. After using above Rail Enquiry app, you will get every train query briefly like train schedule, get list of trains between two stations, show distance between stations. This app supports Autocomplete search feature which means you have to do not identify the station code or the accurate spelling of the station. If you want to book your train ticket directly from IRCTC portal then it is probable with this app.

indian railway enquiry app for windows 8

Limited features of Indian Rail Enquiry App

  • It does not show actual fare calculation of selected journey.
  • Having no option to show seat availability for upcoming days.
  • Train query related detailed information is found in short and inadequately.
  • No option to track current running train location.

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