Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator Windows 10 App [Download]

Download Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator Windows 10 App from Microsoft Store to ensure secure payments.

Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator

Microsoft is continuously working to improve security for financial activities among users. Today they brought up a Windows 10 app in store for testing 3DS authentication integration for the banks. To deal with payment or financial fraud during transactions this technology has been developed. This is an initial version of the 3DS authenticator for Xbox and Windows platforms. This is Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator.

Actually, prior to the payment is made the card company has to send details of everything in this technology. So there is much lesser chance of any mishappening while using credit and debit cards. Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator app will help to make transactions more safely on Windows 10. This app is a developer tool now.

Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator Windows 10 App

Here is how to download Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator and install in Windows 10 –

  1. Go to the official webpage of the app and click on Get.
  2. Once Microsoft store loads with the application page once more select “Get”.
  3. Wait for a while until the app is downloaded. You will notice a button Install on my devices; click on it.
  4. A pop up asking “Where do you want to install? We’ll install automatically on all the devices you select.” will appear.
  5. Check the boxes against the device name and click on Install now.

The app is available for Xbox One, and at least¬† Windows 10 version 18362.0. Application is compatible with Architecture x64 works with “Integrated Keyboard, Mouse”, “Xbox controller” or “gamepad”, and “Mixed Reality immersive headset”.

Microsoft 3DS2 Authenticator app can access your Internet connection, home or work networks, and act as a server. Approximate size of the application is 6.39 MB. So you get the app in a few moments to ensure the safety of your payment on Microsoft gateway.

That’s all!!!

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