Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.5.0-prerelease.200812001 is available to download

Latest Microsoft.UI.Xaml v2.5.0-prerelease.200812001 version is available to download.

Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.5.0-prerelease.200812001

After only a few days of the previous release Microsoft.UI.Xaml, new version is rolled out. This is Microsoft.UI.Xaml v2.5.0-prerelease.200812001 and includes a number or of bug fixes and improvements.

You can download the source code from the official project page of Github following the link in the end.

Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.5.0-prerelease.200812001

Microsoft.UI.Xaml 2.5.0-prerelease.200812001 changelog –

  • TextAlignment property included in NumberBox.
  • NumberBox: Fix header foreground color not being properly updated when NumberBox is disabled.
  • Fix issue with flyouts created in CommandBarFlyout not closing when commandbar closes.
  • Add support for ReadOnlyList/VectorView and notifycollectionchange.
  • Add workaround so ItemsRepeater doesn’t leak the result of DataTemplate::Load.
  • RadioButtons: Fix selected radio button not being focused on tab navigation when the first element in TAB navigation.
  • Update selection brushes.
  • Add a check for buttons with flyouts and add a test.
  • NavigationView BottomMenuItems implementation.
  • Remove legacy EIC style in WinUI.
  • NavigationView ItemInvoked returning wrong item fix.
  • Fix issue with TextCommandBarFlyout not starting when practicing custom button.
  • Fix issue with item that just got uncollapsed not showing selection.
  • Fix crash with UniformGridLayout trying to scroll to first item.
  • Determinate ProgressRing with Lottie.
  • ComboBox: Match Placeholder foreground color with TextBox’s Placeholder foreground color and makes lightweight styling options better.
  • Add resource for topmode CustomContentPane minimum width.
  • Update background color of selected ListView item to meet contrast ratio requirement.
  • Treeview: Fix Background API not being applied to TreeView UI.
  • NavigationView: Add more theme resources to configure margins.
  • Fix issue with invoke pattern being given for top navview item.
  • Replace as casts with unbox_value.
  • Add TabView SelectionPattern.
  • TabView: Allow separate lightweight styling of the Add button furthermore the TabViewItem’s Close button.
  • Adding public ScrollView.CurrentAnchor read-only property.
  • Add check to only open flyout if a menubaritem has items.
  • .Scrolling controls API renames according to official API review.
  • Tabview switch to converter instead of template settings.
  • NavigationView not updating UIA users about changed selection and expand state.
  • .Fix NavigationView incorrectly sizing items as compact on launch.
  • Switch signing cert to WindowsRT.

Source – Github release note.

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