Must do Microsoft for Windows 8 in 2013

The most anticipated Operating System of all times, Windows 8 had finally seen itself launched in October 2012. Many liked it, many did not. It happens with everything. Every good thing has some advantages and some disadvantages. But, the year 2013 is the real year to check out that how Windows 8 actually stands out in the market. There have been some of the suggestions which if implemented would surely let it catch a firm grip in the market. Let us see some of them:

  • A focus should be placed on apps: Windows is the Operating System that is present on computers more than any other OS in the computing world. The defender of OS for Microsoft is the Google’s Android which has an app base of around five hundred thousand. Though it is true that Windows is the big brother and it finds its application in the computing world than the mobile world, still it can make its feet firm in the market if it works on the Metro apps. The Apple’s iOS has a line of apps running on every Apple device; Google’s Android has the best apps from YouTube to Google Earth. But the app base of Windows is really poor and should be worked upon.
  • Microsoft’s own convertibles and the hybrids: A must have for the Microsoft is its own device which might be convertible or a hybrid laptop running its own Operating System so that Microsoft can explain “This is it”. All new categories of convertible laptops are running in the markets. So, with a new signature device which Microsoft did with the Surface tablet, a few more inclusions would make it a hard competitor.
  • Confusing settings and preferences: If Microsoft has designed the Operating System keeping every type of the user in mind, then it should work on the settings and appearances. Though a hard-core computer junkie might find it a fun finding every stuff on Windows 8, but a non expert might struggle with the icons and the settings which stay buried in the background or may be hidden. The settings should be made more user-friendly so that they can be used by everyone ranging from a novice to an expert.
  • Marketing of Windows 8: The marketing sector is turning to Macs. To solve this problem, they must inculcate good marketing strategies and massive license buys which are provided by the businesses. It had given a unique solution to the problem of the ecosystem, but this alone won’t do.

Working on these problems would help Windows set a strong foot. Give your own take on this post. Join the discussion forum and provide your valuable comments.

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