Preview Pane Gmail labs – How to activate step by step

The most talked about event recently is the launch of the new lab app for the Gmail users which has been named as the Preview Pane. This app lets the user view the email without even opening them. The feature reduces the time by quickly giving an access to all the emails without directly opening all.
Activating the Gmail Preview Pane step by step

Step 1: A login should be made to the Gmail account.

Step 2: the Gears icon should be clicked.

Step 3: the lab options will be shown under the mail settings if the lab app is being used, otherwise click on mails setting and then click on Labs tab if it is being used for the first time.

Step 4: The Preview should be entered in the Search bar.

Step 5: In the Radio Button, click on Enable.

Step 6: The changes should be saved which will reload the page.

Exploring the Gmail Preview Panes

A pane icon appears in the right hand side of the corner of the Mail Box, after the activation and reloading the page. By default, three Gmail pane options are given. They are: No Split, Vertical Split and Horizontal Split. Let us explore them:

No Split

This is the default view of the normal Gmail account. The Preview Pane is disabled in case it is disliked.

Vertical Split

The emails can be browsed in columns. It is like three panes: 1. The Inbox, Spam, etc 2. The list of emails & 3. The Preview of emails

Horizontal Split

The emails can be browsed in rows. The preview pane opens just below the inbox.

Mark as Read Delay

After viewing the preview of the email, there is an option on the Preview Pane which lets the email to be marked as read. The delay is by default set at 3 seconds which can be changed to the options: Immediately, After 1 second, After 3 seconds, Never.

Some Errors observed in the New Labs Product

  1. The scroll bars appearing in the window look ugly.
  2. The labels lining is usually disturbed and the labels are cluttered by the Pane view.

Hope, this post was quite informative. Now it is your turn to explore these features.

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