ScreenToGif 2.20 Released with Many Improvements

One of the most useful screen recording utilities ScreenToGif 2.20 changelog of improvements and bug fixes.

ScreenToGif 2.20

Talking about Selected Area Screenshot recording a modest number of utilities are available. ScreenToGif is one of them which is pretty lightweight and handy. The tool also offers built-inĀ  Webcam, Board recorder, and Editor.

ScreenToGif 2.20 is the latest update of the software that includes a decent number of improvements and bug fixes. See the full changelog.

ScreenToGif 2.20 Changelog

  • The screen recording application requires .Net Framework 4.8.
  • Testing support for multi-DPI set of screens (for all windows including recorders).
  • Screen capture through DirectX 11.1 (Desktop Duplication API, compatible with Windows 10 and 8).
  • Screen taking can use a configurable memory cache amidst support for compression.
  • You can now onwards set actions to be executed when clicking on the application icon on the system tray.
  • The default FFmpeg Webm encoder is now set to VP9.
  • Added support for theĀ Gifski software version 0.9.3 (delete the older DLL and download again via Options => Extras).
  • ScreenToGif 2.20 allows to cancel the gif encoding that uses Gifski.
  • The utility will use the encoder window instead of locking down the editor when exporting as project.
  • The new version allows using e FFmpeg to import frames from video. This will also improve performance while importing video with the default method.
  • The .exe is able to interpret arguments to disable and enable hardware acceleration.
  • The limit permitted outward thickness of the border is increased.
  • Russian, Turkish, and German translation was updated.

Bug fixes

  • Updated version had problems with the positioning of the record controls while managing multiple screens.
  • The troubleshooter encountered issues displaying the correct position of the screens.
  • Fixed the screen recorder was not capturing animated cursors correctly.
  • The space bar was not set as the Play or Pause button anymore.
  • The Gifski encoder now lets storing gifs to a path. It also loads frames from a temporary path that bears non-Latin characters.
  • ScreenToGif 2.20 fixed the text that was and not wrapping properly furthermore overflowing in the FFmpeg command text boxes.
  • It was not possible to set shortcuts when deploying with Intune.
  • Certain commands were getting fired instead when attempting to write special characters using Right Alt key. This issue occurs because the underlying system translates Right Alt to Ctrl + Alt.

Source – Github

Download ScreenToGif 2.20

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