The rise of Facebook in the social world

There are only seven apps mostly being used by the people and Facebook accounts for 751 million users. It has become a star with its phenomenal success in the Silicon Valley. It has crossed the 1.1 billion mark and which means that every sixth person in this world has a Facebook account and it is ever-increasing.

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The areas of its fast growth are Africa, South America and Asia where the mobile access is much subsided and the majority of users use their mobile phones to access the internet. The strategies Facebook is using to create its identity in the web market is no match to the others and with the launch of the new Android app Facebook Home, it has even reached greater heights. This app controls all the mobile content through Facebook account literally making one Facebook dependent. The consumer internet companies have a strong feel that there are only seven apps which are used to their zenith worldwide and if you really want to make your presence felt in the market you will have to be one of them. It is estimated that for 751 million in the world the Facebook app is one of them.

The revenues of Facebook boosted to 38% with nearly one third of its total revenues are earned only through ads created on mobile phones and tablets. It is a superb comeback for a company which once failed to keep its presence as it had no proper Mobile advertising strategy. Despite such growth there are many problems which Facebook alone cannot fix through algorithms only. It has to seriously keep the track of the dangerous minded internet users. MySpace also went to the top and fell down to nothing but zero only because of over monetization and the use of the vulnerable things and was available for disruption. Facebook gave a hard blow to Instagram which was one of its toughest competitors by acquiring it at a price of $1bn. This can be thought of a very good business strategy, but, it won’t be satisfy the growing needs and demands of Facebook. The only way it can increase it dominance by creating a good mobile app.

There are regular controversies of Facebook for the content. There are various content which is deemed inhumane by Facebook and it bans them and this might offend someone. These contents are mostly related to the videos and the images. It is true that when a company reaches its zenith in the business and marketing strategies and starts earning large revenues, it starts doing things which are mostly disliked by the users. The creativity slowly keeps on decreasing and the standards fall. And this is what is presently happening to Facebook and Twitter who are backing off from their advertising strategies and turning to the standard ones. And, moreover there is an increasing concern about the content of the data and the online identity.

It may be thought of that the content of the users may be being used for the advertising strategies. Whatever be the matter, one thing is true that Facebook has proved itself to be a giant and has shown that no one can match it in any field. Kudos to all behind Facebook.

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