Top and Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download [Built-in, 4K]

Complete list of Top and Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download available in Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 Themes Free Download

Microsoft store is replete with endless Windows 10 themes from which you can opt for the best one suits your style. These theme packs include top-notch images showing different kinds of architectures, landscapes of cities, natural wonders, animals cuddling and playing, and many more astonishing objects. Furthermore, Pictures in these apps mostly are having 4K and you can use them to adorn your desktop background only.

In most cases, Windows 10 themes are free, despite so, you need a Microsoft account to sign-in while downloading pack. With the same account, you will be able to download a personalization app on up to ten Windows 10 devices which make the whole process more user-friendly. However, to run a theme without a hitch, your PC will have to meet some requirements.

Best Windows 10 Themes Free

Here are Top and Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download –

Dogs and Cats

Human intuition always gets clotted while choosing between puppies and kitten as pets. Dogs and Cats Windows 10 theme with 15 images is live at Microsoft store to get you out of this dilemma.

Best of Wallpapers 2019 Exclusive

To welcome 2020, Microsoft picked out 19 leading wallpaper and put them in this single theme pack as a thank you token for Windows 10 users. Images included in best of wallpapers 2019 Exclusive are of 4k quality and anyone having a Microsoft account can get the app for free.

Fireworks on New Year’s

Light up your new year eve with 16 spectacular pictures of fireworks displays in Singapore, Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur, in short, the most beautiful cities around the world. Images comprised in this pack are pretty eye-catching and meant to be used as wallpaper only.

Ice Crystals PREMIUM

Ice Crystals PREMIUM is one of the Best Windows 10 Themes you can free download from the Microsoft Store. Let your Desktop to be rejuvenated with some fine quality whirling arts images included in the Theme pack. All of the contained 15 pictures are of Premium 4K images having the artwork of frozen swirls found in nature. Most of all, the application is free in Microsoft Store and all the images can be used for Desktop adorning only.


Adorn your desktop background with What Next premium theme that holds 17 simple yet attractive artistic images of cities, sailboats, and savannahs. Quality of all pictures included in this pack are premium not to mention, you can get the app for free from Windows store.

Staircases PREMIUM

These 12 sets of architectural images will add additional flavor to your desktop. All pictures included in the app are absolutely 4K having the design of staircases with beautiful, curving and descending infrastructures. The application is available in Microsoft Store free and the pictures are allocated for setting up on the Desktop only.

Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM

Bring on the real feel of nature in your Desktop applying Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme. The Application has got super awesome 19 photos of falls over mountains, through bushes and beaches from Iceland to China. All the pictures are of Premium Quality and come with 4K resolution. Similar to most others, the App is too free in Microsoft Store and applicable for Desktop image only.

Take a Moment PREMIUM

Fetch calmness on the screen with super relaxing photos that bring peace in mind of a user. All these 10 images contained in the Application are Premium having 4K resolution. You can only use these images to adorn Desktop only and obviously the application is Free in Microsoft Store.

Wish You Were Here PREMIUM

Everyone demands to be free and want to keep those precious moments of lives which are worth sharing. These 9 nos. Premium quality 4K images will bring your old memories of beach you opt to cherish every single day. The Application is free in Microsoft Store and you shouldn’t cut loose this opportunity to nurture your past memories.

Day on the Farm

You might have thought of having a Farmhouse but cannot really have opportunities for that, yet can manage to get the essence of it in desktop upon applying Day on the Farm theme. You will be delighted to have 18 sets of super cool images featuring domestic creatures, barns, crops and many more. All these images are applicable to the Desktop wallpaper only and you can avail it totally free from Microsoft Store.

Aerial Iceland PREMIUM

Iceland is a paradise and you can make a trip to her virtually by applying Aerial Iceland theme. This Application is a full package of 15 pieces 4K premium images covering overhead captures of river deltas, valleys, volcanoes of Iceland. The App will offer you a true feeling of traveling there and it is completely free in Microsoft Store. To be mentioned, all the pictures can only be used as Desktop wallpapers only.

National Geographic Safari PREMIUM

Let the Wild Creatures of Jungle Safari decorate your Desktop with the photos of their wildlife. This Windows 10 theme is a free application in Microsoft Store having 12 images sets of National Geographic Magazine’s photographs featuring magnificent animal planet of Africa. All these pictures are of 4K quality and can be used as desktop wallpaper only.

Trains on Bridges PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Travel the world in Trains on the bridges sitting in a cubical and you can get the essence upon applying Trains on Bridges PREMIUM theme. 10 Breathtaking super-premium quality 4K images will bring real feel of trestles, Trains on bridges, and viaducts around the Globe. The Application is totally free in the Microsoft Store, pictures contained in it can be used as desktop wallpaper only.

Chilly Morning

Feel the Chill of a winter morning in your favorite desktop using the Chilly Morning Windows 10 theme. 15 super cool images of a sunny, frosty winter morning images will definitely bring joy in your mind. The Application is free in Store and you can use these pictures as for only desktop wallpaper.

Leafy Structures

Visit Microsoft Store now to grab the Leafy Structures Windows 10 Theme right now and adorn the computer with colorful leaves and their branching veins in zoomed captures. The application is free in the Store and it consists of 10 nos. Premium quality 4K images. Keep in mind that, you can use them for Desktop Wallpaper only.

Sun and Sand PREMIUM

Have a cool vacation in the sandy beach of Maldives and Mexico sitting right in front of your Desktop now. Microsoft Store has just released Sun and Sand PREMIUM theme consisting of 10 4K images of warmth Sunny beach including murmur of Surfboard. App is lightweight and free in Store, you can only use these images for decorating your desktop only.

Panoramic Cityscapes PREMIUM

Take A trip to Stunning City Lights of Dubai, Singapore, Prague, or Sydney bringing on this top-notch Windows 10 theme in your favorite desktop. These panoramic photographs include captures of these most beautiful cities in both night time and daylight. There are 10 nos. 4K premium quality images in it that can be applied in Desktop only. The application is totally free in Microsoft Store, so don’t miss out to grab in the first place.

Animal Mothers 2 PREMIUM

Whether you are a human or an animal, mothers share a special bond with youngsters moreover raise the kids and protect them even after leaving the nest. In this theme pack, you will get a glance of the abiding bond of mother and child from fox to tiger to elephant that is very pleasant to stare at. This personalization pack is made up of 10 premium 4k images which are to be used as desktop background only.

Explore the USA PREMIUM

With 25 premium quality images, this Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download is live at Microsoft store showing 50 metropolis of the United State of America including a labeled picture of iconic landscape from each. This personalization app is free and wallpapers comprised in this pack can be used to adorn your desktop background only. However, you need a Microsoft account and your PC must fulfill some basic requirements to avail the app from Windows store.

Painting in Light PREMIUM

Provide excellent illumination to your desktop background with the artwork of fluid stream of liquid light. The theme pack includes 12 long-exposure images in total and all of them are of 4K quality. Along with a Microsoft account, Painting in Light PREMIUM Windows 10 theme is free to get from the store.

Beach Time PREMIUM

Too busy to plan a beach holiday? Not a problem as Microsoft came up with Beach Time Premium theme to let you embellish your favorite desktop. This personalization app is made up of 15 high-quality pictures that you can use as wallpaper only. So, enjoy the warm soft sand, shady palms, and magnificent view of beautiful beaches around the world until you plan a real one.

Modern Art PREMIUM

This personalization pack is perfect for people who admire creativity and a big fan of modern arts. With 12 nos. 4K images of contemporary art, this application will let you decorate desktop background at the same time explore a new perspective of the artworks.

Winding Roads PREMIUM

Enjoy the thrilling view of curved pathways discovered around the globe especially in the hill regions. With 18 exciting 4K quality images, this theme pack attracts travelers more. Getting this Windows 10 doesn’t cost a single penny moreover you can avail the app on up to ten devices using same Microsoft account.

Classic Cars PREMIUM

Adorn your desktop background with 20 images of classic automobiles and bring back the vibe of early ’90s. All pictures comprised in this personalization app are of 4K quality. More interestingly, Microsoft kept the pack free for users having Windows 10 compatible with either of x86, x64, ARM, ARM64.

Festival of Lights

Holi is one of the most loved Hindu festivals due to its vibrant ambiance and truly superb surroundings made with the twinkle of oil lamps and lots of colors. To get the same experience all over the year, opt for this personalization app that includes 16 images of polychromatic illuminations of glowing oil lamps. This Windows 10 theme is free to get, however, you need a Microsoft account to make yourself eligible to obtain the same from store.


Experience some inner power with 14 sets of 4K images showing an intense and ferocious aggressiveness closeup look of different animals and birds. Pictures comprised in this Windows 10 theme pack can to used to adorn desktop wallpaper which will bring wild vibe of nature on your PC screen.

A Moment of Hygge PREMIUM

Filled with warm, cozy, and comfy mood the theme including 16 premium 4k images is available in store. You can download and use the Hygee pictures as desktop background to enjoy Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM

Bring on the coolest Continent of this universe on your desktop as the National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM theme is available in Windows Store now. 12 super amazing 4k images of glaciers, icebergs, sea curves will definitely create the best environment of this coldest, driest, and windiest continent. All the images are free in Store and applicable as Desktop wallpapers only. Don’t waste your time and grab it now.

Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM

Your leisure in a cubical will be no longer a boring one since Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM promises to offer the real taste of road trips with these vehicles. These 15 images are of 4k quality containing a peerless collection of vintage motorbikes is really priceless. The Best Windows 10 Themes Free Download is available for in Microsoft Store and these pictures can be used for decorating Desktop only.

Paper Art PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme

Origami is a beautiful piece of art and you can get the best of creative works by installing Paper Art PREMIUM Windows 10 Theme. 16 pieces of amazing photos of crafts made with paper are contained in the theme, having designs of animals, dresses, colorful blossoms, and many more. All the pictures come with 4K premium quality and available in the Microsoft Store for free. You can apply them only as Desktop wallpaper.

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