Transfer your Money using PayPal Account on Android

For online money transfer PayPal is a reputed name in all over world. Mass number of people are sending and receiving through their Account. Now an android app is launched so that they may use PayPal through Android Phones. The updated version of the Android app for PayPal is available on the Google app store Google Play. Known as PayPal-on-the-go this app offers the ease of using PayPal while you are on the go.

Transfer your Money using PayPal Account on Android

Features of this PayPal Android app are:-

1. Easy money transfer – This app allows you to send money for a gift to someone or even request money for loan.

2. Better account management – With this app you can check your bank account, deposit or withdraw money anytime.

3. Special features

  • Snap a photo of your check and add money to your PayPal account.
  • A new feature like Local PayPal finds local merchants which deals through PayPal and informs you about them.
  • Since this is an updated version, some fixes and feature updates have been done: –
  • Compatible to version is 4.4.1,
  • UI bugs have been fixed,
  • New features as paying with PayPal in your neighborhood has been added (available in UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan),
  • Add a tip along with the payment while paying at any shop or restaurant,
  • E-mail the PayPal customer support directly from this app,

The app also can access various parts of your phone to help you in using the app to its fullest capabilities: –

  • The app can access the camera to help you snap photos of your check to add money to your account.
  • The app can calculate your GPS coördinates using Wifi or GPS. This allows the app to find local merchants who deal through Paypal.

Caution – The app can access your contacts, call-logs, network connections etc that may be misused by a malicious app. Make sure that you have turned off the permissions to access the more private information on your phone.

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