How to Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 11/10 to Create an Impressive Avatar

You will see the ways to Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 11/10 to create an impressive avatar. The application is available in Microsoft Store for free and grants access to the gamers to create a new Xbox Live avatars. Using this app, you can pretty easily modify your online character with various body options, moods, clothing, accessories, props and so on.

To increase a close connection with its users, Microsoft is showing the new avatars on Gamertag profiles. It will display the image on the main Xbox One dashboard. However, the team will definitely add some customizations options to the app. Previously, it was tested for Insiders only but with the release of Windows 10 October 2018 Update, it was broadly available for everyone. So, let us go through the details of this new app now.

How to Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 11/10

Download Xbox Avatar Editor

Step-1: Open Microsoft Store by clicking its icon that exists on the taskbar. On its search box, type Xbox Avatar Editor and select the same from the result.

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Note – If you are unable to access the app in the Store, then navigate to this page. Click the Download button to grab the application.

Step-2: Click on the Get button when Store displays you the information of the app.

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Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 10

Step-3: Once the download gets over, click the Launch button. This will open the application, click the Get Started button.

Step-4: Now, go through the avatars and then click the Use selected avatar button.

Step-5: On the left-hand side of the next screen, you will see a few options to edit. Let us see them in details –

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Appearance – Click on this button and then you will be able to change the Body, Face, Hair, Limbs, Shape, Height, Color of your Xbox avatar.

Closet – This will let you change the Accessories, Shoes, Dresses, Props and so on.

Moods – Give a personalized mood like Clumsy, Dread, Happy to your Xbox avatar.

Photobooth – You need to click the Play button and then hit the Capture button when the Xbox avatar gives you various poses. Moreover, you can also select the Poses and pick up a pose. Once you choose the pose, the Xbox avatar will start posing for a couple of minutes.

So, click the Capture on the pose that you like and then save it as a Gamerpic.

This Photobooth setting also gives you an option to change the Background, Reset, Rotate, Panning, including the adjustment of Size.

Avatar Store – If you are not satisfied with the options that you get when you Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 11/10, then you can buy a one. Clicking on this will display a few accessories for the Avatar that you can purchase.

Xbox Original Avatar – It will show you the avatar that you have created so far. So, choose it if you wish to Use Xbox Avatar Editor in Windows 11/10.

Settings – From here, you can rate the app, provide feedback, and so on.

Create a New Avatar

Any changes that you have made till now to the avatar will be reset. You will lose the current one but anything that you have purchased will remain.

So, open Xbox Avatar Editor application and click Settings option on the left pane.

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On the following screen, make a click on Create new avatar.

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This will display a warning message, click Continue to proceed. Now, perform the above steps to create an avatar of your choice.

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That’s all!!!

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