Windows 10 Build 20197 21H1 is out with a long list of Fixes

Dev channel Windows 10 Build 20197 21H1 is out with a long list of Fixes.

Windows 10 Build 20197 21H1

Windows Insider Dev channel branch has received another update. Windows 10 Build 20197 is the update that has brought out some improvements in the Settings and Your Phone app.

You will automatically get Windows 10 Build 20197 if you have opted for Dev channel in Windows Insider Program Settings.

Windows 10 Build 20197


Disk Management is a part of Settings now

Now you are able to handle your disks and volumes staying at Settings app. The app contains viewing disk information, creating and formatting volumes, furthermore assigning drive letters.

The settings provide better accessibility, unlike the Disk Management MMC snap-in. The new experience also offers better integration with Storage Spaces and the Storage breakdown page.

To see, Navigate to Settings => System => Storage and select Manage Disks and Volumes.

Disk Management is a part of Settings

The Disk Management MMC snap-in is still working.

Your Phone Apps experience is now gradually rolling out to General Public

You have the ability to access your apps of the android device straight from your Windows 10 PC. Moreover, you can pin your favorite mobile apps to Start or Taskbar. The apps will open in a separate window allowing you to perform multiple tasks at a time on the big screen of your computer. From here, you can respond to a discussion, answer to social posts using mouse, keyboard, pen, and touch screen.

Changes and Improvements

  • Using Alt+Tab will now bring 5 tabs, rather than any recent tabs. However, you can change the number from Settings => System => Multitasking.
  • The company is trying to include a Web Browsing section in the Windows Settings header.
  • You will see only active profile picture under Your Info in Settings.
  • The current build is turning off ESENT Warning Event ID 642.
  • Selecting Chromium Microsoft Edge as your desired app is possible in Assigned Access.
  • Narrator can recognize candidate words/characters by giving specific reading information when using the Microsoft Pinyin IME.

Windows 10 Build 20197 Fixes

  • Microsoft experts fixed letter headers in the all apps list on Start menu that was showing unnecessary left padding when the all apps list was configured as hidden.
  • They fixed  ALT+Tab on a browser tab seldom moved the earlier active browser tab to the front of Alt + Tab list as well.
  • Windows 10 build 20197 solved pinned site to taskbar won’t show the corresponding open tabs on new desktop. The issue occurs when you moved your Microsoft Edge window with that site open over to a different virtual desktop.
  • The update solved sysprep command that was failing with the error code 0x80073CFA in the last few builds.
  • It fixed Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) that was showing a popup error message WnsEndpoint_Policy in the last few flights.
  • Microsoft experts fixed Get-Volume PowerShell command that wasn’t identifying volumes in the exFAT format.
  • They solved explorer.exe launch performance problem that occurred when booting up and logging in for firstly.
  • The build solved pinned File Explorer folder icon in Start that would appear with a rather darker background than other tiles in light mode.
  • Windows 10 Build 20197 settled a race condition in the crashing of Font Settings page.
  • It fixed old Microsoft icon Store that was being shown by Font Settings and Themes Settings.
  • Build 20197 solved Network Status page in Settings that is displaying an old network name instead of the one that you’re currently connected to. Furthermore, the network was inconsistent with what the network flyout displayed.
  • It fixed certain VPNs with the option – Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain, if any) enabled no longer connecting automatically.
  • The experts fixed bugcheck issue hyperguard violation for some insiders in recent builds.
  • They solved keyboard focus jumping to quick access after hitting enter key instead of the search results when using the search box in File Explorer.
  • Typing certain phrases in Microsoft Pinyin IME would lead to terminating candidate pane unexpectedly. The issue is fixed now.
  • They solved typing something like goldb;du where the first candidate could be an English word the conversion in Microsoft Pinyin IME, where when using double pinyin style, won’t work.
  • Windows 10 Build 20197 solved typing with the Japanese IME that could result in not being able to input symbols when using Shift+<number keys> into password fields sometimes.
  • Update solved certain apps that were crashing when typing incorrect combinations with the input method Chinese Traditional DaYi IME.
  • It solved Microsoft Bopomofo IME that was consuming Shift key up events when they finished in IME mode toggle actions.
  • The insider developers solved CTFMON.exe error when changing focus to some apps, for example, Outlook, while typing with an IME.
  • They solved ImmGetCompositionString that wasn’t returning the right IME composition string for YOMI text fields.
  • Windows 10 Build 20197 fixed Windows key on the full OSK keyboard layout that won’t become highlighted after tapping on it in recent builds.
  • Scan Mode Narrator would not stay off in Microsoft Teams is fixed now.
  • The update solved Microsoft Flight Simulator that was failing to launch with an error  – The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Known issues

  • The company is working on Microsoft Store games that are protected with Easy Anti-Cheat may fail to start.
  • They are studying update process hanging for longer time when trying to install a new build.
  • They are trying to fix close/min/max buttons stuck in their original position after resizing a Universal Platform application. Position of the app window should update after moving.
  • Microsoft experts are looking into new taskbar experience where for pinned sites isn’t working for some sites.
  • They are trying to solve to enable live preview for pinned site tabs.
  • The company is working on turning on the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites.

Source – Microsoft experience blog.

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