WSL / Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 and 0.65.1 Released

Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 and 0.65.1 changes, improvements, bug fixes, and download links.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2

2 versions, WSL 0.65.2 and 0.65.1 are out on successive days, one with multiple changes and the other having 2 improvements. Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 comes out reverting yesterday’s release change in localhost.

Another change is more error messages are added to improve error model. You can download the tool from the last of this post.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 and 0.65.1 changes, fixes and download links

Here are the changelogs –

WSL 0.65.2

  1. Temporarily revert localhost enhancements while investigating a regression [GH 8679].
  2. Add more error messages to improve error model.

WSL 0.65.1

  1. This version brings better performance and accurately more precise report bind failures by improving localhost relay.
  2. The latest release utilizes “/dev/ptp0” to keep guest chock in synchronization with the host.
  3. WSL v0.65.1 makes the error message better if the distro list can’t be fetched and wire it to wsl.exe –list –online.
  4. The developers in the team update Linux kernel to version
    1. They fix “9p filesystem regressions” since the previous version 5.10 WSL2 kernel.
    2. Enable the support for the PTP aka Precision Time Protocol clock device.
    3. Also, this version turns on the Retbleed mitigations for x86_64 builds.
    4. Enable traffic control and nftables.
    5. The release enables VGEM driver.
  5. Update Microsoft.WSLg to v1.0.41 –
    • Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 Add default x11 bell sound to WSLg.
    • The new version updates /etc/wsl.conf to make the default user in WSLg.
    • Add choice to start Weston within gdbserver to WSLGd.
    • v0.65.1 simplifies Weston command line construction in WSLGd.
    • Also, add wslgd-notify to the compositor.
    • The new edition stops trapping SIGINT in the compositor.
    • And, loads xwayland module last in the compositor.
    • Change the size of margin adjustment for MoveWindow/SnapArrange PDU.
    • v0.65.1 uses pthread_cancel instead of pthread_kill in rdpaudio.
    • Also, the new version gives Xwayland its own session in xwayland.
    • Finally, Don’t track focus for override redirect windows in xwayland.

Download links

  1. Download Windows Subsystem for Linux 0.65.2 from this link
  2. and WSL 0.65.2 from here.

Source – WSL Github.

That’s all!!

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