Download 2go free and chat on mobile phones

2go is a popular mobile messenger app, and it is free of cost for every mobile version. Currently, millions phone users is connected with 2go services where they can edit profile, search new friends, chat with friends, share pictures or videos. 2go is significant chat service which consumes a small amount of internet data from your internet pack.

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2go mobile im service

How to start 2go mobile chat

  • At first, launch mobile browser on your mobile phone  and go to the address or 

browse 2go service on mobile browser
  • Here, you will have to register for opening 2go account without any payment.
register 2go account
  • Next, tab prompts a welcome message to confirm correct country. Another tab asks you to choose a language.
  • A new tab is requesting to insert your phone number. Here, type your personal details and click on Proceed button. Ensure that you have chosen a simple username because it can not be altered afterward.
  • If you have chosen username proper then your 2go account will be registered immediately. And you will receive your user ID and password in a new tab. Save it.
  • As soon as the process of 2go account registration ends, your mobile phone will be identified, and the 2go chat app will be installed in few seconds.
download 2go chat app for mobile
  • Now launch 2go chat app and sign in with your just created 2go account. Now search and add new people or friend in 2go chat lists and start unlimited text chatting.

launch 2go mobile app

2go has started Android app for the convenience of Android users. It is placed in Google Play Store and you can install it from here. As 2go is the most popular chat messenger in Nigeria and famous among people belonging to African countries it is contemporary to be an android phone app. With 2go app, you can make your profile search friends, make chat and share photos and with them. With this app, anyone is free to make chat on Facebook, Google as well as mxit.

This Android App present in Google Play is useful for Every Android Devices as well as Blackberry, etc. So now you can enjoy 2go chat service on your smartphones.

How to Download 2go for PC

Besides Mobile Phone, you can enjoy 2go on your PC after downloading and installing. To install and download 2go for PC, you should have an account. After creating  a free account on 2go. Follow these steps:

1. Start PC and go to

2. Select the country name where you live. Write you Mobile Number and the password used in creating the account. In case you have lost the password regain it by visiting Now press Login Button.

3. After login is made you will have to press the 2go logo and start MicroEmulator.

4. Now you will have the option Save File. Save the 2go MicroEmulator to PC.

5. If Java is not installed in your PC you will get an option to get it. After installation finishes, you will have to download 2g MicroEmulator on PC.

6. Again login to Account and enjoy 2go for PC free Chat.

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  1. like to chat n connect with ppl

  2. Add alix96 😉

  3. Daniel Emmanuel says:

    I 4got my 2go id so to login nw is a problem

  4. i want to chat with friends

  5. lcould not install my already downloaded 2go,please hw do l go about it?

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    life is funny

  8. I love 2go very much.

  9. i love 2go wib

  10. I really love 2go

  11. Pls ive downloaded 2go on my tecno511,but weneva i want 2 open,it will request 4 my fone no & my pin & it will start preparing it again.pls help me wat am i going 2 do?

  12. Dannyhighstar says:

    Pls I need 2go account ok

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    i need a 2go account

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    Luv it

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  17. sadiq Dahiru says:

    i cant download 2go on my phone

  18. 3mendous fidelity says:

    Like 2go so much.but hate it in the sense that if you mistakenly quite the massages left will be deleted

  19. its fun

  20. I like it

  21. Life is a teacher.

  22. mayor henry says:

    2go is fun bt uploadin my pics is a prob.

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    To love is to admire with heart and mind.

  24. i luv 2go, how can i get 2go profile

  25. I want to be part of u guys

  26. I love the N.P.F,BECAUSE is to protect life and properties

  27. I luv 2go,it gives me joy

  28. Olayinka Babatunde says:

    guy make m have more meaningful life and 2 collect wit people

  29. 2go is a safety journey



  31. Emmanuel Manyo says:

    Well, i’ve been tryin 2 download 2go on ma galaxy tab but 2 no avail. So plz help me on hw 2 go ’bout it..{~_~}

  32. 2go registration says:

    I love 2go application. Its a kool chating site

  33. Aloysius Anthony says:

    I am joining 2go to enable me chart with my friends.

  34. Aloysius Anthony says:

    I am have been trying to downLoad 2go in my c3nokiaan can not download it.

  35. How can i install 2go

  36. How can i install 2go & i don't have an email address

  37. I'm joining 2go to chat with friends

  38. aderonke abodunrin says:

    happy birthday 2 all celebrant of 2day.

  39. I cant download my 2go on my phone

  40. i can’t download 2go on my phone one and have been trying 2 do so but all 2 no avail. It would b nice if u could help with some ideas.

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    Im forget my 2go pin my number0716455713

  42. How do I enter 2go

  43. I want to download 2go older version v3.7

  44. andile pokolo says:

    I need help guys i want to download 2go

  45. salau ayomide says:

    it will be great if this 2go can be opened in my techno t30.

  46. I want to download 2go I can’t get it alert I don’t know what is the problem

  47. Victoria frances fimba says:

    Is 2go only meant for blackberry and android nowadays? I cant even download the old 2go again

  48. I want my old 2go bk,cus d new 1 is given me problem, and i dnt hw 2 download d old 1 which is 3.7, pls help me out

  49. pls need help I was not the one using my phone before the person was using 2go and I download a new 2go its not working pls help

  50. Download and install 2go.

  51. It is very nice

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    Pls Hw do i Chart With Ppl Tanx

  55. I need to download 2go what must I do? Pls help

  56. I like it , it is nice

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