A Complete Guide To Secure Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 phones have been a latest trend in the market and perhaps it will sooner or later catch up with others as they have the necessary functions required in a phone to complete its functionality. Now when it comes to the question of security of  Windows 8 phones you ought to know that the phone is completely secured by its software and design. All the security features that have been incorporated are into the software are turned on by default. For instance when you are using the Windows store to download an app the Microsoft tests whether the app that you are installing contains malware in which case it will warn you before proceeding further. Here we are presenting a complete guide to Secure Windows Phone 8.

windows phone 8

Apart from these security features encryption modes are also available to keep the information safe on your phone. There are some of the easy ways by which you can do the same.

  1. Lock Feature: This is a very good way to keep your phone safe so that no one can get access to the phone without entering the correct password or pin that you have set. You can set your password as a pin or for locking the SIM card to put a lock for calling and also to bar the automatic Windows store purchase.
  2. Kid’s corner: There are times when our phone gets into the hands of small kids who sometimes enter into so many apps at a time unknowingly that it creates problem for the phone. In such cases this feature prevents your phone by which you can create a separate kid’s corner where you can store all the games for them and keeping rest of the stuff safe from them.
  3. Backup: This feature does the task of saving your phone settings. Photos, videos and other stuffs into a cloud storage so you can get it back in case some problem comes up with your phone.
  4. Find My Phone Service: If ever you lose your phone or misplace it somewhere then you can use this feature to locate it by ringing the phone through your web browser or mapping its location given the condition that you have already enabled GPS location on your device. The location service is not available for all the regions in a country. Also you can send your personal info onto the main screen of the phone so that if an honest person finds it he/she may contact you to bring it back. So it’s quite a relaxing feature to ensure the whereabouts of your device.
  5. Update Your device: This is a common feature but ignored by most of the users who are unaware of the fact that the updates are done to modify the settings further to keep your phone updated with the latest improvements. When your phone is updated then the software on your device performs better and the security features are enhanced by your service provider. So whenever you see an option of updates on your phone then you must select yes to download and install them for the betterment of your Windows phone.

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