Australis launches in the Firefox UX versions

Firefox has been working a lot on its improvement and the latest news from the forum is that a new theme Firefox Australis is going to be launched later this year if everything progresses as they have planned. This has been very good news for many and has basically split the firefox users into two of the rival groups. One who is eagerly waiting for the changes which they would embrace happily and the others who have been fearing that the new theme might change the look of the browser that it might not become customizable and usable further. The theme was launched on May 13 in the Firefox, UX version. There will be changes on a regular basis but the frequent users will get access to the changes for the first time.

The nightly builds of the Firefox UX are available for downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Windows version is presently available only as the web installer. The same profile used by the regular version of the Firefox is used but they are installed separately. Download it from the following extension: Mozilla Firefox US Ninghty.

The browser restores all the tabs when it is launched for the first time. There have been many changes which have been made. These are some discussed below:

  • The Firefox menu button has disappeared, or to be more precise, has been moved to the end of the navigational toolbar.
  • The bookmarks icon which usually appears on the right of the screen has also disappeared.
  • Tabs are still present below the address bar and are curved.

My first impression on launching the web browser was where has the menu button gone? As all the tabs were switched to the bottom, I thought that the menu button was also moved down. But, when I changed the mode of the tabs to the top, it still did not appear. Then I had to right- click and make customize to show the menu bar, and this added the menu button to the top. The Firefox button has been moved from the top left to the top right of the address bar. The same buttons which were displayed in the Firefox menu before are all present in the new Firefox menu. They are as follows:

  • Text operations such as the cut, copy, paste.
  • Zooming in or out for a better view.
  • New Window, New Private Browsing Window.
  • Saving and printing of the web pages.
  • Opening the History, Preferences or Add-ons Manager
  • Enabling the Full Screen Mode.
  • Using the Find option.

There are many options which I found were useless and surely many would find them useless too. But, the good news is that they are all customizable. Click on the customize option and then all the items that are considered essential can be dragged and dropped from the left to the right. This will make the menu more user-friendly. There are many features that the users feel should get implemented.

  • Options which removes all the default elements from the new Firefox menu button.
  • Option which drags any button to the Firefox navigation bar.
  • For all activities, there should be the presence of unique icons.
  • Option which displays only text instead of icons in the menu, or smaller icons and text next to them.

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