Best websites and apps- Part 1

There are many websites and apps coming up every day. They are becoming more and more intuitive and informative. We as web surfers are not able to decide which the best ones are and which to go for. This article is the first part of the compilation of the some of the best websites present. Let us check them out:

Popcorn: You can get an idea about the website by hearing its name. This website is for all the movie fans. New movies are now getting released everyday that people are confused to go for which one. This website has a large list of movies in its databases, that you can browse them and search for the best titles to watch them. You can get a list of all old and new movies with the reviews.

KustomNote: For all those who keep forgetting things, keeping notes is considered the best idea. This website is best for creating notes and storing them online. You can even create templates to store your notes and the journals. Evernote notes can be created in KustomNote.

Cubie Messenger for iOS: Everyone is aware of the number of apps present in the iOS store and they are increasing every day. Many third party companies are also launching their app. This app is the messenger service for the iPhone. It can be used for sending anĀ unlimited number of messages without spending a penny. All the basics get provided in the messaging protocol. It also supports simple loud colors and voice messages simply without burning holes in your pockets. So, it is becoming quite popular among the youngsters.

Riker Ipsum: This website is basically designed for all those buffs working in the print media. The placeholder text becomes very boring. Finished design often becomes very difficult to be viewed without any dummy text. This is where this website comes to rescue. It offers the dummy text and shows your completed designs. This website is even for all those Star Trek fans.

Boursoma: All the Windows 8 fans who are usually into money making have a good news. This new app, Boursoma is for you all. The developers of Windows 8 are developing new apps with multiple utilities and this is a new addition. This is a desktop app which when launched gives detailed information of the Stock markets and the details of other businesses.

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