Command Prompt Keeps Popping up Randomly in Windows 10

Ways to Fix Command Prompt Keeps Popping up Randomly in Windows 10. – Does command prompt suddenly pops up after one or two hours for a few seconds on your PC? This is really very annoying as it constantly seeks your attention in the middle of important work. Commonly the command prompt issue occurs on the Windows 10 PC after installing MS Office. See a fixing guide How to Quick and Online Repair Microsoft Office 365 in Windows 10.

Here you will see a potential solution to Command Prompt Keeps Popping up Randomly in Windows 10, Microsoft has released a fix for the same but it is currently available to the members of the Office Insider program Slow Ring. Yet regular users still face this issue but it is possible to get a resolution.

Initially, it might not seem to be a very big issue or problem. But when the Command Prompt keeps popping up at regular intervals then it really irritates a lot. There may be a few reasons but the most important reason is the bug that enters your device due to some file transfers or downloads. Hence if you find anything suspicious while downloading then immediately stop the downloading. Follow an article fix another office issue – How to Run Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365. Follow this guide to fix the problem.

How to Fix Command Prompt Keeps Popping up Randomly in Windows 10

Step 1 – Click on Start button and type Task Scheduler in the Cortana search box. After finding the result in the Best Match input a right-click on Task Scheduler. Out of all the options that appear click on Run as Administrator option.

Step 2 – After the Task Scheduler opens, move to the extreme left pane and double tap on the Task Scheduler Library to expand it.

Step 3 – Here again double click on the given option Microsoft and allow it to open. After that click the alternative Office. In brief, you need to follow the path Task Scheduler Library \ Microsoft \ Office.

Step 5 – Now right-click on the task OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration and hit the option Disable from the context menu. This will prevent the Command Prompt from popping up randomly on your Windows 10.

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Deleting cache files many times helps to solve this trouble so, you can pursue this article – How to Clear and Reset Office 2016 Cache.

Concluding Words

So here is a very simple solution to the issue of Command Prompt popping up randomly in Windows 10. Also, we will suggest, to be careful and vigilant while downloading anything using the internet and even more careful while installing. Many times few apps bring malware along with its own code. So follow the fixing guide and stay tuned.

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