How to convert Windows 8 PC into TouchScreen with e-touch Pen

It is a common concern of all-inclusive users that Windows 8 functions smoother on touch enabled devices than Desktop or Laptop. As for example, to close any Windows 8 application you have to swipe down screen from the top. It would be a nice act to convert your Windows 8 PC / Laptop into touch enabled device for better execution. How does it will be possible to convert your Windows 8 PC into touch enabled device?


To address a touch enabling issue, the tech giant ‘Hi – Tech Solution’ has developed a handy device known to ‘e-Touch Pen’, which can transform your non touch Windows 8 desktops or laptops into touch enabled device. The ‘e-Touch Pen device works on infrared and ultrasonic technology. The device consists a receiver to clip on to screen with magnetic strip. The receiver clipped on a magnetic strip is connected on PC via USB port. The clipped on receiver is made on infrared device for positioning e-touch Pen. Transmitter of e-Touch Pen is ultrasonic device. It has plenty of brushes to pick up vibrations, when pen is moved on the desktop screen.

Since touch interface gestures are part of Windows 8, but the majority of users elude to use it on Desktop or Laptop. When you go with handy ‘e-Touch Pen’ developed by Hi-Tech Solution, your Windows 8 Desktop or Laptop turn into a touch enabled device.

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