How to Disable / Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge Browser

Way to Disable or Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge to ensure your privacy on the web browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium version has come up with a new feature named Tracking Prevention that will improve your privacy to a great extent. It is designed to protect you from being tracked by the websites you don’t access straight away. Commonly, when you navigate a website, trackers from other sites save the information about the sites you visit or the content you are interested in.

Using this information, often they create a digital profile that can be accessed by organizations to offer personalized content when visiting other sites. However, you can easily disable or enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge through a flag option of advanced settings.

Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge

Here is How to Disable or Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge –

  • Launch the browser first.
  • Paste the following directory URL in the address bar and press enter.-


  • Yellow highlighted Microsoft Edge tracking prevention option will now come into the view. Use the drop-down list assigned for it and choose either Disabled or Enabled.
Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge-Set the status to either enabled or disabled
  • No matter what you select, a pop up will stretch out from the bottom saying Your changes will take effect after you restart Microsoft Edge, therefore click the Restart button.

If you enabled the Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge, get ready to configure the same. There are three different levels of privacy available to choose from which are Basic, Balanced and Strict. Though all the levels work to block malicious trackers, the level of advertisement tracking will be different depending on the option that you select. To set the level, go through the below address and click on the preferred level –


Enable Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge- configure the privacy level

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