How to Record various things using Free Recorder App on Android device

Recorder is a free app for Android used for recording purposes. The things which you can download using this app are video, audio etc. It is basically designed to replace the pre-existing audio recording app which comes loaded with the Android devices at the time of purchase. All you have to do in this app is to run on your android’s screen and click on any its screen if you wish to record any shooting. As soon as the recording started, a timer will start running at the top which you can stop, restart or other things easily.

The interface of Recorder app is very neat and clean. It has been designed in such a way that users find it very friendly while running this app on their Android devices. It acts like a great recording tool for all of your conversations. A screenshot of this beautiful app is shown below:

recorder app for android

You can own this app from the link provided at the last of this article. This app could also be searched in the Google Play Store.

How to record various things using Recorder app for Android

When this app is properly installed on your Android device, running this app would open a new windows just like the above-shown screenshot. You can see the Record button at the bottom of the screen. At the left of this button, there is another button which is the Stop button. Here, you could also see a triple lined button present at the right of the record button. Clicking on this will opens up a list of all the previously saved recordings on your Android device. This app supports the feature of running itself in the background i.e. you can do various stuffs with your android device without even worrying about whether this app is closed or not.

Clicking on the Play option present in the notification area will directly record all the audio. If you will stop a recently added comment, just click on Stop button. It will record the service and save the recordings.  All the list of recordings would be visible to you by clicking on the triple lined button. A recorded video can be played back if you want to listen to them. All you have to simply click on a recording to quickly play it back and check whether it helps you or not.

Key features of Recorder App for Android

  1. Freely Available app.
  2. Record music, songs, meeting or interview contents.
  3. Very clear recording effect.
  4. A lightweight app.

My Note:

Recorder is a beautiful app to record various things in a simpler manner on your Android devices. It provides you all the necessary tools required to record a thing in a professional manner. you can simply record the audio from your device by using the icon present on the notification area. You will love this app very much except for the upcoming of ads continuously at the bottom of this app. Overall, this is a good app and it is worth trying.

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