How to Create Strong Password to secure Account

When you are on the verge of creating an account on particular website thought of safety comes into mind fold. To be always on a safer side, you need to apply protection with secure password to existing account. Sometimes users blame that someone has broken the security of their accounts and took over valuable data. Such an instance leaves user in desperation because he or she did apply password, no one has a clue. Certainly, arguments of users are truly right, but ignorance about Password characteristic could not provide maximum protection. The particular article highlights Password Application Rules as well as Ways to Create Strong Password to secure Account.

How to Create Strong Password to secure Account

Any password is created follow either of two rules as its length and complexity. If both applications are cared about then it provides effective protection.

Password Length: – To get maximum password protection you should stick with at least 8 characters length. The more character in its strength is better than less number of character strength.

Password Complexity: – It could become in effect after using these key group combination as Lower & Upper Case alphabets, Numbers, and Special Characters. Users should contain at least one character from above group combination to shape up password with most complex nature.

Now, I am going to address the way to Create Strong Password to secure Account. Followings are convenient ways to create Strong Password for your Accounts:

  • As mentioned earlier you should stick with 8 characters password strength as well as 4 unique key combinations.
  • It is proven fact that strong password is hard to memorize. Create Strong Password to secure Account you need a reliable and trustworthy way of remembering it. Password Management tools are made to store passwords of users in encrypt mode. Anytime you create or change, keep it safe of Password Management tool. There are lots of free password manager tools. You may choose either of Password Manager Tools.
  • If you feel complication use Password Manager Tool then you have limited option to memorize longer one. But Passphrase is the method through you could generate an even longer password. You may use initials of phrase or songs that are very familiar to you.
  • Sometimes user sets password same as user name. Such situation invites invaders to do mischievous into existing accounts. Therefore, act like repeating username in place of Password should be avoidable.
  • After 06 months or later you should set priorities to change existing password with new and secure one as suggested.
  • Never write down you it on paper or keep it anywhere. Don’t share you it to anyone.
  • It is the temptation to create one set of password for all your mailing accounts & another set for all banking sites and another for Social Networking site. Avoid these temptation activities and change all of them to unique passwords.
  • If you have doubt that someone has a rough idea about your it. Then change your password with immediate effects.
  • Never use ‘Remember Password‘ features on any net browser. If you allow permission to Remember password, then anyone could see all stored it in plain text.

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