How to download Torrent Files directly into Dropbox Account

Torrent sites are the best sites to download any information available, from movies to songs, from games to educational eBooks from software to mobile stuff. Literally, any stuff which can be thought off can be found. This makes it a very popular website. These torrents are simple to download. The various clients are present such as BitTorrent, utorrent  torrenthound from where the torrent file can be downloaded which will load itself into the default program installed and the download would start automatically. However, some people find it difficult to use it. There is a much simpler way.
This needs a creation of a Dropbox account. The .torrent file can be downloaded and uploaded in the web service that will send the file directly in the Dropbox account. This Dropbox account can be synced with the personal computer to get the downloads done. It is much simpler than said. There is a new web service known as Boxopus which gives direct access to download torrent files directly to the Dropbox account. The Sidecloud service is similar to download files direct from the Dropbox which has limitations of not supporting the torrents. The Beta version of Boxopus is now available which is free presently. This service would later become paid as soon as they are out of beta. Dropbox is a free cloud storage space provider that offers a large startup space.

Getting downloads in Dropbox

To start the downloads, registration to the Dropbox website is required. A Dropbox account is to be created on

  • Make login to the Boxopus and the Dropbox account.
  • Click the button “Assign Dropbox Account” a confirmation is prompted for which should be allowed by clicking allow. It is advised to login while performing the above steps otherwise it would lead to errors.
  • Then, make a download of the torrent file of whose download has to be done which usually are of sizes 20 KB to 100 KB. Then, this file can be dragged to File Upload Box on the Boxopus otherwise it is advised to click on Browse to upload the file. Then click on Put in My Dropbox.
  • Then, to start Download, click on Start Download.
  • My download area of Boxopus shows status of the downloaded files. It is downloaded to the new folder in the Dropbox account mainly Boxopus.
  • It is usually recommended to download the Dropbox Desktop Software to Sync with the personal computer which makes the download easier.

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