Fix: Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10

Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10BSOD carries different kinds of error messages in different situations. Kernel Data Inpage Error is amongst them and indicates that Windows 10 is unable to read any stuff in memory. Due to this issue, the operating system abruptly prompts Blue screen and suggests to get online help. After a while the PC involuntarily reboots.

So, regarding fix Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10, the needful job is testing RAM and Hard drive. Contemplate how will you examine both of the memories (RAM and hard disk) in the subsequent portion of this article.

Reasons that leads to Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10

1. Hardware or Driver conflicts.

2. RAM problem,

3. Distorted or damaged hard drive,

4. Registry issues,

5. Third-party software.

Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10

How to Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error Windows 10

1. Check Hard Disk for Errors

In the most of all circumstances, the bad sectors existing in hard disk carries the aforementioned headache. Here’s how you proceed with the disk check –

Step 1 – Begin the method by holding Win key and tapping X key. This will bring power menu which is separated into consist of 3 sections on the screen. Tap the choice Command Prompt (Admin), appearing at the middle section.

Command Prompt (Admin) power user menu Windows 10

Step 2 – When the UAC prompt will arrive, move ahead by tapping the Yes button.

Step 3 – On the ringent elevated Command Prompt, copy this line of code and paste it over there. Now, in order to execute the command, gently press Enter.

chkdsk C: /f /r

chkdsk command Windows 10

Noteworthy is we suppose that C is the drive where you have stored the OS. While you are positioning it on an alternate partition, replace that drive letter with C into the command.

Step 4 – Allow the command to examine things completely and accurately and when it will trace out the issues,  rectify the same instantly.

Step 5 – Finally, this will restart your system to identify out the prevailing errors on the selected partition.

2. Check RAM using RAM Diagnostic Tool

In order to trace out the messes with your RAM Memory, we advise you to run the RAM Diagnostic Tool. Let us pursue the whole process to run the tool –

Step 1 – First of all, tap Win and S keys in one go. This will expand Cortana search. Hence, write down windows memory in the box. As a Best match, Windows Memory Diagnostic will arrive on the top, click on it.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Cortana search

Step 2 – Hit the link on the top – Restart now and check for problems.

Restart now option Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Step 3 – Permit the PC to restart and indeed the tool will report you the presence of issues, if any. Thus, on the startup, you will receive further solutions for the issues by the tool.

3. Disconnect all USB Devices and Cables

Finally, disconnect all the external devices, however, keep intact the mouse and keyboard and check if you still encounter Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10. If this rectifies the issue, then something is definitely faulty with the external devices.

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One thought on “Fix: Kernel Data Inpage Error in Windows 10

  1. Abigail Vaughan says:

    Try running check disk on the hard drive to see if there are any corruptions.
    1. Type command prompt in the Search charms. Right click on it and click on Run as administrator.
    2. Type chkdsk /f and hit enter.
    if doesn’t work you may try this steps here>
    Solution 3. Uninstall corrupt driver in safe mode

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