Fix: Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10

Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10 – Settings program includes a search box to serve requisite results. But, Few users experience a peculiar behavior in it when they attempt to search any setting. Instead of presenting appropriate results, the application says No results or something like this after every query.


Likewise, the search on the taskbar (Cortana) also does not bring items matching with Settings application. Hence, this solution presents a straightforward method to overcome Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10.

Search Bar in Settings App Doesn't Work on Windows 10

Search results on Windows operating system are served by Indexer hence, you require modifying the concerned settings.

How to Fix Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work on Windows 10

Step 1 – Launch File explorer (Keyboard Shortcut is Win & E) applying the method you are comfortable with. and press This PC in Quick access.

File Explorer Quick Access This PC

Step 2 – In the right-hand side, locate Local Disk (C) and do a right-click on it. Once the context menu prompts hit on Properties.

Noteworthy is we are assuming here the system files are placed in the C drive.

Right click system drive Properties option

Step 2 – The Properties wizard for Local drive (C) drive arrives and by default, General tab is appearing.

In this tab, ensure that the tiny square box titled Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties is checked.

System Drive Properties Allow files on this drive to have contents option checked

Step 3 – If not, insert a tick mark on it and hit Apply and Ok buttons.

Step 4 – Copy the path and paste it into the address bar of the widespread File Explorer and hit Enter.


Path to navigate Indexed folder File Explorer

Step 5 – In the subsequent window, trace out a folder labeled Indexed.

Step 6 – Next, right-click on the Indexed folder and tap the choice at the bottom Properties.

Right click Indexed folder Properties option

Step 7 – When Indexed Properties box arrives on the screen, stay into General tab and hit the button termed Advanced.

Indexed Properties General tab Advanced button

Step 8 – The above action opens Advanced Attributes dialog box on the screen.

Step 9 – Insert a tick mark on the tiny square cell that reads as Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file properties.

Advanced Attributes box checkmark Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed

Step 10 – Remark that in few instances, you might find the option already selected. If so, then uncheck the cell and click OK to apply the modification. Again, launch that Attributes box and tick mark the aforesaid option.

Step 11 – Finally, hit Ok buttons of all the opened boxes.

Step 12 – Finally, It’s is time to reboot the machine and after it starts up, the indexing service will scan all the files in the folder. This will eventually make the search of the Settings program function again.

Fix Settings search working in Windows 10


Well, follow the steps outlined in this article, and let us notify if you fix Search Bar in Settings App Doesn’t Work.

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