List of Video Codecs Download Locations

Here, you will find List of Video Codecs Download Locations taking you to the correct official webpage of each extension. A “Codec” is a software driver that encodes and decodes the media files aka compress or decompress them. As you know that video and audio files are available in various formats however every multimedia player globally is not capable of playing all those. Suppose you want to run a video file (DivX movie) but the application present on your Windows system doesn’t support the extension. In similar cases, you’ll need to install the compatible Codec for that particular format for successful streaming.

You might be aware of applications like Windows Media Player use Codecs for running and creating audio or video files. So we are providing here a List of Video Codecs Download Locations to ease up you. You don’t have to wander on the web to explore the correct files now instead you can follow the links and grab the suitable one.

List of Video Codecs Download Locations

Video Codecs Download Locations List

Here is the List of Video Codecs Download Locations –

Codec Download Location
DivX Codec Download from here
Xvid codec Download from here
MPEG-4 codecs Download from here
DV codecs Download from here

1. DivX Codec

This codec includes 2 editions – Free and Pro having differentiation in amount of advanced features. However, both the versions support famous video formats like DivX, HEVC, and MKV. Furthermore, the codec is useful in streaming and creating different media extensions.

2. MPEG-4 Codecs

This Codec is free to download and it includes the support for MPEG-4 video files. Media player unsuccessful to run “MPEG-4 format” requires its installation from its official website.

3. Xvid Codec

The Xvid Codec is made to outperform the famous DivX Codec because its quality is superior to DivX. Moreover, it is free and its encoding speed is quite fast. A notable thing is that most software, standalone players, and multimedia players supporting DivX encoding support Xvid encoding also.

4. DV Codecs for videos from a digital camera

These Codecs are not free but provide support for multiplexing, DEmultiplexing, encoding, and decoding. In short, you retrieve for all the major professional camcorder, DV/DVCPRO, for example, compatible with “DV”, “DV 25”, “DVCPRO 100 (HD)”, “DVCPRO 50”, and “DVCPRO 25” formats.

So, this is the List of Video Codecs Download Locations for primary extensions. Grab the one you need and enjoy your media, irrespective of the format.

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