How to Remove Preloaded Apps on Android and iPhone

These days every latest Smartphone and tablet come with many preloaded apps that nobody likes. Though few devices (Smartphone or tablet) work with limited internal memory which is also a most important subject. Both Android and iOS users have also complained about the numerous preloaded useless apps that cannot be uninstalled from their devices easily. These preloaded apps come with the Smartphone OS or with the carrier then it is no easy to delete it.

So, several Smartphone users want to uninstall or get rid of these preloaded apps from their Smartphone and tablet quickly.

How to Remove Preloaded Apps on Android

If you wish to remove the preloaded apps that available on your Android device then you will have to understand two necessary facts and methods.

First Method

The preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled like regular apps on your Android devices. The user can either block the preloaded apps or totally disable them.

In order to disable any preloaded apps on your Android phones,

  • Go to your phone’s settings menu and tap on the Apps menu. Next, you will view all the apps on your device’s screen.
  • Next, tap on any most used or regular app where you will find the Uninstall option. But, while you do the same action for a preloaded app, you will see only the Uninstall Updates option instead of Uninstall option.
  • Then tap on it and uninstall all the updates of the selected apps. After completing this process successfully, you will view a Disable option for blocking the apps.

Though the above option is not a true uninstalling process for a preloaded app. This process will let you only to disable particular apps so that you won’t run it for next time.

 Second Method

Do root process on your Android device because this action will uninstall or remove all the preloaded apps or data completely.But, at first keep in mind, that root process will cancel your Android phone warranty.

Removing particular system apps can reason for breaking down your Android device. So do the root process at your personal risk?

There are several android apps that let users uninstall or disable apps on a rooted Android device for example – Titanium Backup. These apps also offer other useful features like a backup of all the apps and create files for restoring the phone in the previous stage if something goes wrong.

How to Remove Preloaded Apps on iOS devices

Similar to Android OS, a stock iOS device also includes with many useless preloaded apps that most iPhone users don’t like. Therefore they like to uninstall or remove them immediately.

  • If jailbreak action has not been done with your iOS device then the only solution is to move all those unwanted preloaded apps in a single folder and hide it in a corner. Of course, these useless apps will not be seen by your eyes every time while you open a home screen or access your iOS device for a long time.
  • If you have done Jailbreak action with your iPhone device then you can delete the all unused preloaded apps using a root method. But you need to alert about same warning like no one will be responsible to damage the device’s operating system or cancel the warranty of your iOS device after deleting all the useless apps. So, do this process at your own risk.

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