What is New in OneDrive Rather than in SkyDrive

OneDrive is transformation of SkyDrive for cloud storage. After issue over the name SkyDrive created by BSkyB head of corporate business intelligence on copyright violation Microsoft decided to change its name. Today Over 250 million users wield SkyDrive now they will share and upload their important stuff on OneDrive instead of SkyDrive. Besides of name, some important features are also added for the cloud storage by the Tech Giant to make it more user friendly. Let us find what is new in OneDrive rather than in SkyDrive.

Initially we would clear the fact the name change OneDrive instead of SkyDrive was decided earlier and announced as well. But Microsoft has rolled out some update when OneDrive is grounded. What are these updates:

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What is New in OneDrive Rather than in SkyDrive

1. You will get 7 GB Free storage space as you used to find in SkyDrive. But in OneDrive referral system is added. You can suggest others to use OneDrive. For every reference you will get 500 MB as increment if your friend accepts the reference and signup for OneDrive. You can get upto 5GB extra after referring OneDrive to 10 friends.

2. Microsoft offers 3GB storage space extra for automatic backup of photos on Android and iOS devices after activation for Camera backup. This feature was available for Windows phones earlier, but it is now extended for IOS and Android OS.

3. On the official launch of OneDrive the Tech Giant offers 100GB free to 100000 users.

4. OneDrive is present as default saving location on MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel so that you could not feel discomfort and start your work where you finished with Skydrive.

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5. Business users may now pay monthly for 50GB, 100GB and 200GB Storage plan. Previously only yearly payment was acceptable.

6. OneDrive is available for all major devices and OS Windows, Mac, Android, Phones, Tablet, iOS, iPhone, iPad. You are free to make OneDrive default storage on these devices and OS. You can Sync videos and photos.

7. Old photos and videos will never be deleted whereas in iCloud old images (more than one thousand) are automatically removed.

7. Stream videos in OneDrive directly.

7. Share your photos and videos on Facebook or through email everywhere after mere single click.

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