Windows 10 1903 Changes, Improvement, and Features

Microsoft is working on Windows 10 1903 version to release in April 2019 with modern features and improvements. The Codename of the 7th major update will be 19H1. Windows 10 receives 2 new versions every year this will be the 1st one for 2019. This article will introduce a list and details of all the spotlight and noteworthy changes, Improvements, and features in Windows 10  version 1903 Settings, Desktop, Store and Win32 apps.


Windows 10 1903 will possibly be Windows 10 April 2019 update as Microsoft has decided to name the version depending on month and year. Thanks to the Windows Insider program that involves testing and provides new features before the final addition to the original version. You could get here on Windows 10 1903 changes details based on the preview edition. The article is based on the insider builds and we will update the content here when a new build is rolled out. Windows 10 version 1903 will include these features so finally, you will get the collection of all the improvements in this version.

Windows 10 1903 Changes, Improvement, and Features details

Here are the details of Windows 10 1903 Changes, Improvement, and Features –

Windows 10 1903 includes acrylic effect on the Sign-in Screen

Window 10 version 1903 aka Windows 10 April 2019 update includes Acrylic effect in the Sign-in background. The Fluent design feature started from Windows 10 October 2018 update.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - acrylic effect

Notification area improvements

New disconnected network icon on Windows 10 taskbar

Windows 10 1903 will replace the disconnected network icon on Windows 10 taskbar. Not connected icon will appear for all types of networks whether it is WiFi, Cellular, or Ethernet. This new visual should help you quickly recognize network problems so that you can take action to resolve them. You used to see either a red cross or yellow exclamation mark for the same till Windows 10 version 1809.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - disconnected network icon

Moreover, a new microphone icon will be seen in the system tray when you are using a mic.

Settings Improvements

Windows 10 1903 change will also improve the Settings app and add some new changes Ethernet in Network & Internet.

You have the ability to configure static IP address and DNS server options in the Ethernet Section of Network & Internet Settings. Windows 10 build 18237 adds to manage Ethernet Settings in the connection properties page under IP settings instead of the Control Panel where this was earlier available.

Ethernet TCP/IP settings

Furthermore, you will view the Ethernet adapter in the sidebar under a header letting you differentiate between multiple Ethernet entries.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - ethernet TCPIP settings

The Forget option for Wi-Fi profiles will be available for non-admin users.

Forget option for Wi-Fi profiles is also available for non-admin users in Windows 10 1903.

Ebrima Font entrance

The update will also include Windows Ebrima font to read ADLaM documents and web pages.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - Ebrima Font entrance

Microsoft also comes up with a group policy setting to stop the use of security questions for local accounts. You will find the policy in the path Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Credential User Interface.

Sticky Notes 3.0

Sticky Notes application will receive numerous updates in the 1903 version. Windows 10 April 2019 update will put version 3.0 that includes significant improvements.

You are able to Sync Sticky Notes 3.0 across different platforms like Android and iOS using Microsoft account.

A formatting bar will appear to choose colors for each note, and you’ll have the ability to set Charcoal Note theme.

Sticky Notes displays a new home that manages notes into the same interface. You also see a search box the help you quickly identify your notes. From Windows 10 1903 you will get a dedicated Settings page to customize the Sticky notes experience. The notes will perform now much faster and support High Contrast.

The interface of the built-in note taking app is now smoother and supports assistive technologies and Narrator. The application allows you to navigate using the keyboard keys, mouse, touch, and pen.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features - Sticky notes 3.0

Windows 10 1903 will include Sticky Notes Version 3.1.32. The app adds Dark mode feature to the Sticky notes. This will sync faster.

Snip & Sketch

Windows 10 1903 will include options to delay a snip for up to three and ten seconds. When you click the New button, you’ll get through 3 options, “Snip now”, “Snip in 3 seconds”, and “Snip in 10 seconds.”

The new update will come with Snip & Sketch Version 10.1809.2964.0. The app includes the following improvements –

When taking screenshots with Snip & Sketch you can add a border to it to distinguish if the background of the screenshot and the location where you save is same.

Snip & Sketch app will now show a Print option on the toolbar.

If you have unsaved changes and go to close the app or open a file that will prompt a confirmation.

The default proposed filename will contain a timestamp.

The version adds a Setting page for Snip & Sketch.

Windows 10 version 1903 allows Start a snip through the shortcut WIN + Shift + S and Print Screen. Once you take a snip the selections will be remembered for the next time.

Windows Ink Improvements

Windows 10 1903  will add ink support to Microsoft To-Do. Furthermore, the handwritten input will allow you to capture your tasks seamlessly from Version 1.39.1808.31001.

Windows 10 1903 Changes Improvement, and Features ink

Your Phone App

You have already experienced “Your Phone App” in Windows 10 October 2018 update 1809 to show your photos of Android phone on your PC. In the coming Version 1903, you will be able to use text messaging staying at your computer. The application will show you 20 recent recommendations for the update received from Android as visual notifications. You will notice a Preview tag. Your Phone Companion app is rebranded to provide you with these features.

Registry Editor

In Windows 10 version 1809, you’ve got address bar improvement in Registry Editor now you’ll see a caret in the end. While typing, autocomplete dropdown will appear in the regedit after pressing F4.

Emoji Pane

Windows 10 1903 will support search and tooltips for the Emoji 11 emojis. These keywords you will type in the pane with the onscreen keyboard will also populate text predictions.

SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) will support Insider rings in this version.

Windows 10 April update 2019 version 1903 will add Emoji 12. Use Win+. on the onscreen keyboard and open the panel to see the complete list of emoji.


Windows 10 1903 change will provide with a new set of Narrator keyboard shortcuts. As the version enhances the reliability of this ease of access tool you will see a change in Scan Mode and QuickStart.  The Narrator will start reading automatically when you will open the Quickstart mode.

Narrator works better with Chrome web browser from this version. The browser will have the support of Up and down arrow Keys in scan mode, navigation with tab, continuous reading commands, and navigation by headings.

Windows 10 1903 includes BRLTTY version 5.6 to add USB support for Inceptor and Orbit 20 displays. Moreover, USB will identify the BrailleNote Touch. Baum displays have the ability to use B9 and B10.

You will experience usage of Braille commanding with Narrator keys better.

Caps Lock ON alert while typing

Windows 10 1809 features the Narrator to alert if you are unknowingly typing with Caps Lock turned on. The setting is on by default however you are able to alter it through “Change how much content you hear”. Check the combo box for Change when you receive Caps Lock warnings while typing.

Caps Lock ON alert while typing - Windows 10 1903

The Windows 10 1809 change will work despite you have disabled the character echo option. The feature will also work in edit and password fields. By default, the Narrator alert wouldn’t depend on presses of the Shift key as you type alphabetic characters. But you have the ability to choose to only be alerted when you press the Shift key simultaneously with an alphabetic character, or you can disable the feature altogether.

The alert sound effect you hear will as the standard Narrator error sound effect

Narrator Verbosity

Windows 10 1903 19H1 features a new Narrator Setting named – Hear advanced information about controls when navigating. Moreover, Tooltips will not be read by default. Press Narrator+0 to use the Narrator Advanced Information to read a tooltip. You will observe that some control information will now start to speak in a more consistent manner. Check boxes and radio buttons will be the first controls with this new behavior.

Narrator Verbosity Windows 10 1903

More consistent reading by Narrator

You are able to apply text reading commands of the Narrator for either of the word, previous, “sentence”, “next for character”, line, “paragraph”, page to scan a complete window from bottom to top. It is no longer possible to get the “not on explorable text” error and only when you reach the boundary of the window will you receive “no next/previous text.” In this version, the views options are more consistent regardless of you are within text content or not. You have the ability to use this option to search for a link anywhere in the active window.

Read by Sentence Braille support

Windows 10 version 1903 will allow using ‘new read by sentence’ commands through a braille display by hitting dots 2-3-4 or 2-3-4-7 in command input mode.

Narrator character phonetic reading optimization

Phonetic information is now on-demand feature on Narrator that will be available when you require. Shortcut keys are issued for this feature. You can press Narrator key + Comma twice quickly the to enable this feature. The Narrator key may be Insert or Caps or other.

If you desire to hear phonetics for a string of characters in a continuous style, you can get the phonetics read out with sustainability. This is done when you move either forward or backward via a range of characters with the Read Next or Read Previous Character command. Although, in this mode, you will only hear the phonetics and not the characters. To stop the phonetics from reading out, use any other command, for example, Right Arrow, Tab, Left arrow, etc. Moreover, you can again issue the Read Current Character command (Narrator key+Comma). When you perform this, the further reading of next and previous characters through ‘Narrator key+Period’ or ‘Narrator key+M’ will drive back to reading only the characters, and not the phonetic information.

Hear characters read phonetically - Windows 10 1903

To choose the original character phonetic reading behavior Windows 1903 provides you a toggle on the automatic reading of phonetics.


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Task Manager will show DPI Awareness

If you are Dot per inch conscious then nothing to worry about because Windows 1903 will show a DPI awareness in a column in Task Manager.  The DPI will be available per process here. To add the column right-click on any of the column headers in the Details tab. Click on Select Columns option. Check the box against DPI Awareness from the Select columns window and click OK.

Start menu

Uninstall additional inbox apps

Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1) will provide you an option with every inbox app to uninstall them from the Start menu all apps list. The Uninstall option will appear in the context menu of the preinstalled applications for the following –

  1. 3D Viewer (previously called Mixed Reality Viewer)
  2. Calculator
  3. Calendar
  4. Groove Music
  5. Mail
  6. Movies & TV
  7. Paint 3D
  8. Snip & Sketch
  9. Sticky Notes
  10. Voice Recorder

In the Windows 10 version 1809 Update and prior, you could uninstall the following inbox apps –

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  2. My Office
  3. OneNote
  4. Print 3D
  5. Skype
  6. Tips
  7. Weather

Right click on a group name or tile folder in Start will give you an option to unpin it.

The version also provides  to unpin a tile in folder or group by right-clicking through an option on the context menu

The Right click menu on Start and Taskbar jump lists will have Fluent Design.

Recommended Troubleshooting

As you get a considerable amount of bugs and issues in every update Microsoft has decided to run troubleshooter without an effort from your part. Settings app will include a Recommended troubleshooting option that detects problems automatically and fixes. You will need to go to Settings => Update & Security => Troubleshoot = Recommended troubleshooting.


In Windows 10 1903, you will have the ability to read next, current and previous sentences in the Narrator. Read by sentence is accessible in both modes whether with the keyboard or touch.

a) Caps + Ctrl + Period (.) to Read next sentence
b) Caps + Ctrl + Comma (,) to Read current sentence
c) Caps + Ctrl + M to Read previous sentence

You can reach the sentences using Caps + Page Up or Caps+Page Down. Moreover, you are able to navigate with Caps+Left arrow for move by previous sentence and Caps+Right arrow for move by next sentence.

Enhanced Search Indexer

Windows 10 Version 1903 will include a new Search indexer to find files instantly. The Cortana category on Settings app adds a section Searching Windows which has 2 options – Classic and Enhanced. Classic will find the files from (Library) Document, Picture Video, and Desktop folders. Enhanced searches all the folders available on your computer to serve you with the file.

Indexing is now also available on Settings app in addition to the classic Control panel. You are also able to add an excluded folder from here. Indexing Status shows the number of Indexed items and pending.

Windows 10 1809 search indexer

Windows 10 1809 changes in Input

More Symbols on Touch keyboard

Touch keyboard will provide more symbols in Windows 10 April 2019 update. Once you change the OSK to the number & symbols view (&123), simply tap the key. The keyboard will display a number of tabs with lists of symbols.

Windows 10 1903 input improvement

Vietnamese language inclusion for typing

Windows 10 April 2019 update version 1809 will feature Vietnamese Telex and Number key-based keyboards. So, the users who type the Vietnamese language will gain the typing experience using hardware keyboard and touch keyboard.  Follow the way to get started –

Step-1: Select Start => Settings => Time & Language => Language from the navigation menu.

Step-2: Click + icon located before Add a preferred language. Cavort to step 4 if Vietnamese was already added

Step-3: Type Vietnamese in the search box and select the same in the Best match. Click the Next button and install Vietnamese, which will send you to the Language page.

Step-4: Click Vietnamese, and then select the Option button. This will take you to Language options -Vietnamese.

Step-5: Select + icon for “Add a keyboard”. Go directly to step 7 if the target keyboard was already added.

Step-6: Enable either Vietnamese Telex keyboard or Vietnamese Number key-based keyboard.

Step-7: Click the input indicator button located on the right end of the taskbar. Alternatively, press Windows key + Space and choose Vietnamese Telex or Number-key based keyboard. Input something using your hardware or touch keyboard.

SwiftKey’s Typing Intelligence is available for More Languages

Redstone 5 introduced SwiftKey’s AI technology to Windows users and this version extends the feature up to following languages –

1) English (Canada) – en-CA
2) English (India) – en-IN
3) French (Canada) – fr-CA
4) French (Belgium) – fr-BE
5) French (Switzerland) – fr-CH
6) Portuguese (Portugal) – pt-PT
7) German (Switzerland) – de-CH
8) Spanish (United States) – es-US

Go to Settings > Devices > Typing > Suggestions and Autocorrections and check how the supported languages perform on the touch keyboard.

Similarly, enable the “Show text suggestions as I type” feature under Settings > Devices > Typing on the physical keyboard.

Indic Phonetic keyboards for PC

Windows 10 1809 will add Indic Phonetic keyboard support for PC for the languages Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Odia, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. This feature leverages the English QWERTY keyboard with the help of transliteration to autosuggest most possible Indic text. For example, when you type namaste on the Hindi Phonetic keyboard the addition would suggest the same in Hindi.

How to Start with Indic Phonetic keyboards

  1. Follow the path Start => Settings => Time & Language => and choose Language from the left pane.
  2. Click on the + icon indicating (Add a preferred language). Go straight to step 4 if you have previously added Indic language
  3. Type an Indic language into the search box and select it. Select the Next button and install the Indic language, which will send you back to the Language page.
  4. Now click the one Indic Language just added, and then choose the Options button. This will bring you to that language’s options page.
  5. Click the + icon indicating [Add a keyboard].
  6. Enable the Phonetic keyboard such as [Hindi Phonetic – Input method editor].
  7. Click input indicator from the right end taskbar or press the Windows key + Space. Select the Indic Phonetic keyboard.
  8. Let the Dictionaries of the Indic Phonetic keyboard download as this will take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

UI Automation framework IAccessible2 Support

From Windows 10 April 2019 update version 1903, the UI Automation framework will support the translation of IAccessible2 info from Google Chrome, which supports IAccessible2 instead of than UI Automation. This feature makes UI Automation clients capable of getting the IAccessible2 information using the UI Automation client interfaces.

Sign in Options

Windows 10 1809 simplifies the Sign in options in Account Settings. April 2019 version will provide the fastest and safest sign-in option whether using a PIN or a biometric factor such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

On this version, Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Scroll shortcut to zoom in texts will also work on PowerShell, Command Prompt, moreover, WSL.

Focus Assist

After you will update Windows 10 to Version 1903, Focus Assist Settings will include one significant change to help reduce the number of distractions.  For Automatic Rules, you can turn on When I’m using an app in full screen. The change will Stop the Notifications when you are working on an Excel sheet, watching a movie, studying or other in full screen mode. Go to Settings => System => Focus Assist and enable When I’m using an app in full screen. Action center will not prompt any warning notifications while you are running an application in full screen mode.

Full screen mode focus assist - Windows 10 1903

Brightness Slider in Action Center

Windows 10 1903 version will have Brightness Slider in Action Center instead of percentages. Previously you find 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% on the Quick Actions. But now a slider in the Action Center will allow to instantly adjust brightness in Windows 10 April 2019 update using Quick action. To add it, Go to Settings => System => Notifications & actions and select – Add or remove Quick actions link. Toggle the brightness to ON.

Brightness Slider in Action Center - Windows 10 1903

The version adds shadow to Action Center, to suit the shadow along the borders of taskbar flyouts.

Display brightness changes when shifting to battery power

Windows 10 version 1903 features display brightness that will be remembered after changed by users while shifting from power to battery. This new change provides with a more consistent and battery friendly experience. Battery saver mode settings will be not affected by this change. When a person will lessen the screen brightness staying in the battery saver mode, his display will still dim.

Windows Hello

Windows 10 1903 19H1 version will provide you with a redesigned Windows Hello. Sign-in options page on Settings is also decluttered and simplified. Microsoft want the users to use Windows Hello as the first line of defense for logging in.

Light theme

Windows 10 1903 19H1 version will provide with Light mode in addition to Dark. Previously when you choose this option the UI color won’t change. But now you will experience the system color lighter when you select the option light in Settings => Personalization => Colors => Light. The change will provide the light view for Start menu, Taskbar, Action center, Touch keyboard, System tray, and Cortana and others.

In addition, Windows 10 1903 19H1 also features light theme. Go to Settings => Personalization => Themes and choose Windows Light from the right side of the page.

Light theme - Windows 10 1903

Modern Printing

The new version of Windows 10 adds multiple printing options along with icons.  The modern print dialog now supports light theme! You will also view line of description to some of the dropdown settings. If printer name is longer then it will now wrap instead of being cut off.

Windows Update

Pause update

Pause update option is now easier to reach because Window 10 1903 19H1 has located this directly in the Windows update page. Go to Settings => Update & Security => Windows update to see Pause update option. When you use this setting Windows will still receive Windows defender definition update and few other. This version will provide you a day selector in the Advanced options page. You can either use pre-defined days or your desired one.

Automatic Active Hours

Setting your active hours will let Windows know when to avoid restarting your device. Windows 10 1903 can automatically adjust active hours depending on the device activity. Navigate to Settings => Update & Security => Windows Update => Change active hours page, enable this option and prevent rebooting.

Active hours - Windows 10 1903


Windows 10 April 2019 update provides the dark mode for OneDrive flyout. This feature is effective when you have Selected dark color in Personalization section of Settings.

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