Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog [Fast Ring]

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog that includes a list of fixes, changes and known issues.

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog

Microsoft rolls out another update for Windows 10 Build 19587 with common changes, some enhancements, and fixes to Fast ring Insiders. The release does not include any major features but definitely focuses on the problems that users were facing. Issues with Default Apps page, missing of the search box, and more gets a solution in this update.

But along with the list of fixes, the build also has some known issues which the team is trying to fix in the upcoming release. Some of these are common with the previous build. However, there are some improvements in Narrator and volume. To know more about the build, go through the below section.

Windows 10 Build 19587 Changelog

Here is the list of general modifications, enhancements, fixes, and known issues of Windows 10 Build 19587 –

General Changes and Enhancements

  1. Depending on users’ valuable feedback, Microsoft and the team had put forward that once you mute the volume of the PC, the sound will not unmute while using the hardware keyboard volume keys until the audio is increased.
  2. Some significant enhancements are out for Narrator as well. Moreover, the team tells how it works with certain controls in Windows –
    • The screen-reading app uses a more friendly string. This describes the audio output quite well in the “Select playback device” dropdown menu in the volume flyout.
    • More information will be available in the Add Bluetooth or other devices’ dialog. It appears on the Narrator Settings page when launched first.

List of Fixes

  1. Build 19587 fixes a problem of the new icon beside Scan with Microsoft Defender. It appears in the File Explorer’s context menu that didn’t have a translucent background.
  2. The Default Apps page in Settings will not crash down anymore. Previously it used to crash when users try to change the defaults.
  3. A problem gets a solution where the search box goes missing from certain applications.
  4. Some files fail to open in Win32 apps from File Explorer. It happens when the path length to the file is quite long. Moreover, it also occurs when parts of the path included East Asian characters. However. with the release of Build 19587, this issue gets a solution.
  5. Another problem where thumbnails were not generated for pictures inside a Work Folder is fixed.
  6. Adding the Session column to the Users tab in Task Manager fails to expand the details for a specific user. Microsoft resolves this complication problem.

Known Issues in Windows 10 Build 19587

  1. The release of this build is blocked from ARM devices. It is because of a problem that causes them to encounter a bugcheck.
  2. Microsoft and BattlEye have incompatibility complications. This occurs due to modifications in the OS between some versions of BattlEye anti-cheat software and certain Insider Preview builds. A compatibility block is implemented to the Insiders who have installed these versions on their PC. These devices will not be offered affected build of Windows Insider Preview.
  3. NVDA and Narrator users pursue the latest release of Microsoft Edge, Chromium version. It may encounter certain complications when reading and navigating certain web content. All the respective teams are aware of the problem. Thankfully, users with legacy Microsoft Edge will not be affected.
  4. The reports are still pending the update process hanging. It happens for an extended period of time during an attempt to install a new build.
  5. To install this update, certain devices may confront a bugcheck Green Screen of Death (GSOD). When the devices that experience this, sign in, then schedule a time for the update to install. After doing so, log off all user profiles prior to scheduling the install time. Installation will proceed as expected.
  6. Only a rectangle icon shows up in the Documents section under Privacy Settings page.
  7. Screenshots directory is not saving a screenshot when using Win+PrtScn. For the time being, use another keyboard shortcut like “Win+Shift+S”.
  8. In some cases, the DISM stops scanning at 84.9%.
  9. Microsoft team is still investigating the issue where Sticky Notes windows fail to be moved on the desktop. As a workaround, try to focus on Sticky Notes by using Alt+Space. It brings a menu with Move option. Choose it and use the arrow keys to move the window.

That’s all!!!

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