How to Get Free Power Cord For Surface Pro From Microsoft

Get Free Power Cord For Surface Pro From Microsoft – Recently, there have been substantial incidents where Microsoft has heard the complaints about overheating of the power cord used for Surface Pro which can lead to severe damages.

This problem is seen in the devices which have been purchased before 15 March 2015 in US and 15 July 2015 in other countries. The devices being affected include all the segments like Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 as well. Well, Microsoft has taken hold of the situation and is asking its buyers to get their cord replaced and the process to do so is simple and easy.

How to Get Free Power Cord For Surface Pro From Microsoft

How to Get Free Power Cord For Surface Pro From Microsoft

If you have purchased any of the devices mentioned earlier within the given time frame  you need to move to and look for all the detail and pursue the procedures concerned to the replacement.

If you qualify for replacement sign in with the assistance of the credentials of Microsoft account and give all the details with respect to the possessed Surface Pro to which malfunctioning cord belongs.

It will take around 4-5 days for the power cord to reach your home. All the information regarding the cord, for example, tracking and additional reports will be provided to you Microsoft itself.

Certain recommendations regarding handling of power cord of Surface device has also been forwarded:

  • Stay away from twisting the Power cord out of its capacity.
  • Always fold your power cord in a relaxed style not too tight.
  • It is a better exercise to regularly examine your power cord, especially around the power brick.
  • Gently detach your cord from power brick whenever it is required.

So if you own any segment of the above mentioned Surface device and are included in the queue whose Power cord is overheating rush to the webpage and get benefited from the opportunity.

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