WinUI 3.0 Alpha Rolled out with Multiple Known Issue [Windows 10]

Microsoft released WinUI 3.0 Alpha before the rollout of stable version of WinUI 3.0 which is planned in 2020.

Microsoft rolled out WinUI 3.0 Alpha which is major update to the Windows 10 UI platform planned for release in 2020. To run WinUI¬† Alpha update you require installation of the latest version of Visual Studio Preview. Subsequently launch with a blank Visual Studio project template or clone and build the XAML Controls Gallery sample app. You must be aware that it’s a early pre-release and includes many known issues and missing functionality hence it isn’t ready for shipping apps. According to roadmap the stable version of WinUI 3.0 will be made available in 2020. So try it out.

WinUI 3.0 Alpha

Building an application with the WinUI 3.0 Alpha resembles building a UWP app with Xaml and WinUI 2.x. So most of the instructions and documentation for UWP apps and Windows.UI API is similar.

Source – Github.

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