Windows Package Manager v0.2.2521 Preview is available to download

winget.exe or Windows Package Manager v0.2.2521 Preview released and is available to download.

Windows Package Manager v0.2.2521 Preview

winget.exe is a utility helping you find and install the tools that make your PC environment special. You can install them using only a single command line winget install <tool>. Full name of this utility is Windows Package Manager whose project is under development and the preview version has been rolled out day by day. Today, Windows Package Manager v0.2.2521 Preview has been released with a few new features.

winget is available through Microsoft Store if you are registered in Windows insider.

Windows Package Manager v0.2.2521 Preview with a few changes

Windows Package Manager New Features –

  • Replace yaml-cpp with libyaml
  • Add pre-indexed Microsoft Store source
  • winget features will show the status of the Microsoft Store Support.
  • winget settings will launch the settings file in your default JSON editor.

Add the following code block to your settings file and the store source will be added

"experimentalFeatures": {
"experimentalMSStore": true

Download Windows Package Manager latest version –

Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller_8wekyb3d8bbwe.appxbundle 11.1MB.

Source – Github.

That’s all!!!

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