How to Add or Remove Programs in Startup in Windows 8

In Windows 8 Startup feature is used to run special program automatically during desktop loading. Advantage of Startup feature in windows 8 is that you can launch your favorite program without choosing it from either metro apps screen or desktop icons.

How to add important programs in Startup of Windows 8 is such question, which commonly asked? To solve query like this I am putting step-wise solution underneath particular line.

How to add new program shortcut in windows 8 startup  – First Step – 

  • If you have decided to add Internet Explorer in windows startup lists, At first, you have to create shortcut of Internet Explorer on desktop.
  • Browse your computer C drive and Open Programs Files.
  • Now Click on Internet Explorer folder . Here, you have to choose Shortcut of Internet explorer .
  • Right click on this shortcut, choose Send to from the drop down and select Desktop (create shortcut).
  • Internet explorer shortcut is displaying on your desktop screen.
windows 8 shortcut
windows 8 Internet explorer shortcut
Second Step – 
  • Open RUN and type Shell:startup in blank box and press OK button

windows 8 Run command

  • Now Startup folder window is appearing on the computer screen. Move or drag Internet Explorer shortcut and add in startup list.

windows 8 startup folder location image  windows 8 startup shortcut

Now windows 8 will run internet explorer automatically whenever you will start  your computer.

Remarks –  you can add another important program or system tool shortcut in windows startup too, for example – Google chrome, Antivirus, Control panel and many more .

Remove Startup Programs from startup folder

If you want to remove anyone startup program shortcut from startup lists . open Startup folder through above given same process and delete shortcut after select it.

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