How to use Windows 8 Camera App step by step

Webcam is used for photography or capturing videos of something and fit in computer or laptop. In recent times, the use of the webcam is in fashion. In windows, 8 a lot of new features came in light beside the app.

These apps, at one side, made tasks easy, increased clarity and quality at the other side. So, after the evolution of Windows 8, apps for every tool are launched as well as of webcam. Webcam app also supports in the use of the webcam and increases photos and video quality. But, here is the question how to use Windows 8 camera app remaining on the same plate. So, we are going to discuss it further.


How to use your web camera through Camera app in metro screen

  • When you start the camera app in the metro screen at first it will request you for authorization to access camera app ahead.
  • As soon as you click the Allow button.
windows 8 camera app start option
  •  Then you get full-screen window through your internal web camera with three following navigation panel options underneath.

1. Camera options

2. Timer 

3. Video mode

windows 8 camera app navigation tools

Features of Camera options

You click on the camera options button at the navigation panel in the camera app, it brings three alternative options.

windows 8 camera app options

Video Resolution

Actually it depends on the web camera specifications. Two resolutions supported settings are found under the camera app for recording videos or take pictures.

  • 16:9 (0.9 Megapixel)
  • 4:3 ( 480 Pixel)

Audio device

You can set opted input audio device (microphone) to capture audio during video recording in the camera app.

More options–

Once you choose more links from the camera options bottom panel, you get more options tab. This tab is used to change following your web camera settings – Brightness, exposure and contrast, focus and more to insert the superior effect either in photos or videos.

windows 8 camera app more options


This button launches a three-second countdown before your web camera captures a new photos or video capturing starts.

Video mode

This button permits you to choose either take snaps or start video recording along with.

windows 8 webcam full screen

How to capture snaps from camera app in Windows 8

Although Windows 8 Metro style camera app has been presented for especially touch screen devices. If you want to grab new pictures from inbuilt web camera through camera app.

  • Then you have to click on the middle screen. Thus, it will capture snaps and save it automatically in the camera Roll folder under Pictures folder in Windows 8 documents.
windows 8 camera roll folder

How to capture videos from camera app in Windows 8

  • Firstly you have to click on the Video mode option from underneath navigation panel.
  • As soon as you click on the screen it will enable a timer to start capturing video regularly.
windows 8 record video


If you want to stop video capturing at a time then click on the screen.

How to solve This App needs Permission to use the Camera

Sometimes Windows 8 camera App requires changing permission for running. In this condition, the Windows 8 will show the error message this app needs permission to use the camera. In this situation, follow the steps carefully:

1. Launch Windows 8 camera.

2. Hit windows Windows + C.

3. At the bottom here is an option Settings. Click on this.

(Note:  Don’t launch Charm Search and search for settings, but as you will hit Windows + C, at the bottom part setting option is present. It can also be done with the mouse.)

windows 8 camera app settings

4. In the upper part, an option Permission is found. Click on that.

5. Slide Webcam and Microphone to Yes for changing permission.

This id OK. Now Your Camera App will start working.

Note: Many users ask the pictures are saved after taking a snap. After taking photos, these are saved in Camera Roll in Picture Folder.

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43 thoughts on “How to use Windows 8 Camera App step by step

  1. hey i clciked block as i wasnt thinking how do i fix it? says i need to go onto camera settings but i cant find it to save my life

  2. You will have to start camera app again from starting point. It will ease your work.

  3. So I’m trying to do a webcast sort of thing and at this moment it would just be easier for me to record webcam footage on one program (the camera app) and then do the rest on another program. HOWEVER I need to go back to the desktop to do the rest of the project SO my question is how do I make it to where the camera app keeps recording when I switch over to my desktop?

  4. Is it possible that I can video my screen??? If so, how? Someone please help!!!

  5. I can’t get the camera flipped around to take a normal picture it just focuses on me sitting in front of the lap top

  6. how do you delete pics?

  7. well it might sound crazy but i cant get right click to work using the touch screen.

    • Make a double click on Computer. In right side click on Picture. In the left Pane Make a double click on Camera Roll. Now delete any pic you want.

  8. i have a problem to open my camera n video after refreshing using window can i handle this problem? pleasa help me..

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  10. Hi i have a problem with my camera… Last time
    I saw it .. It was fullscreen… But now there is a margin on it… How will i fix this?? Thanks for your help…

  11. im trying to record my webcam on the camera app and then do something on the desktop but when i switch the screen over to the desktop the app says “something went wrong when recording this video” how would i keep the camera recording but work on the desktop aswell?

  12. by mistake i have blocked it, now how can i unblock it..??

  13. I have a computer w/ a camera, and the camera has worked before, but now it says to connect a camera. I know I could, but I would have to buy one. PLEASE HELP ME!!

  14. Hey I shoot a photos, how can I know that where (in which folder(default)) my photos saved, thats why I could not found it.

  15. Hello!

    I have a problem with the camera app on the video mode. I have a Windows RT asus vivotab (amd), which at first worked in video shooting perfectly. However, now, the videos I record have a weird noise and the play back faster than natural. it is really disturbing, as I realy need to be able to record acceptable quality videos- I am a music student and often record myself playing the piano or singing to help me improve my skills.

    Really appreciate any suggestion of what I could do and what could be causing this.

  16. Kiara Sulzberger says:

    My front camera is not working. can you help me fix it?

  17. hey! i have a problem here. all the pictures i take are mirrored, i have looked everywhere for a way to fix this and cant find any. all i want is to take normal webcam pictures without it automatically reversing it on me. i feel like this should not be a default setting
    please help!

  18. i have made some videos on the windows 8 camera but I cant find them on the desktop

  19. Terry Joy Mayola Esperida says:

    hey how can i connect a camera ? my laptop is a windows 8 so hows that

  20. Hi, not sure if I missed it in the article or in the comments but is there a way to turn the flash on the back camera on or off in the windows 8 camera? Have an Ativ PC. My flashlight app can’t control it either.

  21. i want to know where do i go to the camera effects

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  23. How do I turn the camera around on my Lumina windows 8 phone so I can take a selfie?

  24. my camera disconnected how do I reconnect the webcam to the camera app

  25. how do I start my camera app over

  26. You will have to start camera app again from starting point. It will ease your work.

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