Commands to Trace out your IP Address of Windows 10, Linux, Mac PC

The Commands to Trace out your IP Address of Windows 10, Linux, Mac PC.

Every computer comes with unequalled IP address that segregates one from another. You are able to identify these with the assistance of separate commands in assorted versions of OS.

You might have known that 3 kinds of IP Addresses exist on a network – Private, Public and default gateway. Here we will illustrate the commands that assist tracing out the Private IP address furthermore Default gateway on diverse OS like Windows 8, 10, Linux, and Mac.

The Commands to Trace out your IP Address of Windows 10, Linux, Mac PC

1. Windows 10 and 8 PC


Process to Trace out

  • Tap on the assemblage of Win+R to put forward the Run dialog box above the screen, type cmd in this box and punch Enter.
 cmd in run dialog box
  • Copy the above inscribed codes (command), paste into the command prompt and Punch Enter.
  • Explore the cluster of digits beside Default gateway and IPV4 Address visible on the interface of the command prompt which enlightens the specific IP Address of the Windows 10 or 8 PC.
default gateway and ipv4 address.

2. Linux


Way to Trace out

  • Spread out the terminal on the screen, type the given codes and tap Enter.
  • Determine whether which distinctive network is active on your Linux PC from the info being manifested on the interface of the terminal.
  • Under the letterhead of your network name inet addr is the internal IP Address of your Linux system.
Commands to Trace out your IP Address on windows 10

3. MacOS


Method to Trace out

  • Open Terminal from the menu bar located at the uppermost portion of the screen.
 terminal icon on the top menu bar on linux
  • type the above written small bunch of letter into it and hit Enter.
  • The plethora of digits isolated by colons next to Intel addr is the IP Address of the Mac machine.
 ip address on terminal on mac os

Two networks of interfaces come to action while substantiating the Internet via a modem. The initial is the private interface and this one is compulsorily applicable for this purpose. Here, IP address exists between the spectrum of 192.168.0 to 192.168.1.

There may be times when you can encounter different IP addresses. This could be because of the correct interface is not being explored and possibly due to the existence of multiple modems. In this case, One can view the correct IP address one by typing ipconfig/all. Few outstanding sites are available on the web for this purpose.

Hence, you now have perceived a glimpse of the theory behind unique identification number also summoned as IP address and methods to trace it out on various OS.

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