How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10

Methods to Configure Sync your Settings for Theme, Password, Language preferences, Ease of access, and others in Windows 10.

Sync your Settings in Windows 10

The one advantage of Windows 10 is its sign-in with Microsoft account. When you log into Windows 10 computer with your Microsoft account credentials, you can sync settings and information so that if you need you are able to access your settings, files, folders, and documents globally. After you sign in, your computer is affixed to Microsoft online server or cloud. Let us see this in a more clear way!

With the sync settings on, you can actually experience the same Start Menu, the selected colors, favorites, your web browser settings, language preferences, ease of access, apps, and passwords of your Windows 10 computer to another Windows 10 computer anywhere. The settings get synced between the computers when you choose to sync settings.

Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10

  • Press – Winlogo + I.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 image
  • Select – Accounts.
accounts option on pc settings in windows 10
  • On the left, click – Sync your settings.
sync your settings option in the left sidebar on accounts category in windows 10.
  • Now the right pane shows you some options. To sync settings, click the toggle switch of Sync settings to turn it On.
Configure Sync your Settings Windows 10

Sync Individual Settings

  • But if you wish to keep a few things personal and don’t prefer to sync all the settings, you can always choose individual sync settings.
  • Under the ‘Individual Sync Settings’ section, you can see many settings listed.
individual sync settings sliders
  • Switch OFF the settings you don’t prefer to sync and turn ON those which you want to get synced.

Update –

Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 Individually

Let’s see how to configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 individually –

Turn on Sync Theme in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows to sync theme with just a toggle so that you may have the ability to experience the same theme across computers and Mobile devices as well. All you need is to log in using a Microsoft account and you see the universal wallpaper automatically. Follow the steps for how to Sync Theme in Windows 10 –

Step-1: Open Windows Settings (Win+I) and select Accounts.

Step-2: Click on Sync your settings from the left pane.

Step-3: Go to the right and click on the Toggle switch below Theme from Individual Sync Settings section.

Sync Theme in Windows 10

Turn on Password Sync in Windows 10

When you configure Sync your settings in Windows 10, the password is most important. You can carry your saved credentials across multiple Windows 10 devices automatically through this feature. So you don’t need to be bothered to remember and enter them every time after enabling Sync settings for the password. Here is how to turn on Password Sync in Windows 10 –

  • Go to Settings => Accounts => Sync your settings as mentioned in the above method.
  • Click on the toggle switch for Password in the Individual Sync Settings section.
Password Sync in Windows 10

Sync Language preferences

When you enable Sync for Language preferences in Windows 10 you will notice the same lingo between multiple devices. Once you sign in using your Microsoft account whether it is PC or mobile the language sets automatically.

  • Access Sync your Settings and click on the Language preferences Toggle button.
Sync Language preferences

Turn on Synchronization for Ease of access

When you enable sync for Ease of access you will find all the settings for the tools like Magnifier, Narrator, Color filter, etc in all the devices. You will have to only log in to your Microsoft account and the remaining work will be handled by Windows 10 itself.

  • Open Settings and navigate to ‘Sync your Settings’.
  • Click on the button for Ease of access underneath Individual Sync settings.
Synchronization for Ease of access

Sync Other Windows settings

This setting is supposed to enable sync for taskbar position, accents and so on. Turn on this setting by clicking on the button underneath.

Sync Other Windows settings

How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Group Policy editor

Addition to the Settings application, Windows 10 lets you configure Sync your settings from Group Policy Editor (Gpedit). Let’s see how –

  • Press Window logo key on the keyboard, type gpedit.msc and then hit Enter.
  • Navigate to “Computer configuration => Adminitrative template => Windows component => Sync your settings”.
  • You will see policies for the Sync options in the right pane. Double click on Do not sync. 
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Group Policy editor image 1
  • Select Enabled to stop syncing and Disabled to start.
  • Click on Apply then OK.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Group Policy editor image 2

Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 Individually using Group Policy editor

  • Double click on the policy for which you want to turn on./off Sync your settings. For example, if you want to change the Synchronization for Passwords then double click on Do not sync passwords.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Group Policy editor image 3
  • Check the radio box Enabled to stop synching and Disabled to start.
  • Finally, click on Apply followed with OK to save the modifications.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Group Policy editor image 4

Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Registry Editor (Regedit.exe)

Windows 10 Sync settings may also change through some modifications in entries in Registry Editor (regedit).

  • Access Registry editor. You can click on Start, type regedit.exe, and press Enter to do the same.
  • Copy the below-given path, paste into the address bar of Registry editor, and then hit on Enter –


  • Go to the right pane, right click anywhere in an empty space and select New => DWORD (32-Bit) Value.
  • Name the value DisableSettingSync.
  • Double click on the just created value enter 1 in the Value data file and select OK to turn off the sync settings. Change it to zero to enable again.
How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 using Registry editor image 1 image 3

That’s all!!!

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