How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10

This post will help you to configure sync your settings in Windows 10 computer. You will learn the steps through which you can sync PC settings on a whole and if preferred, you can work with individual sync settings.


The one advantage of Windows 10 is its sign in with Microsoft account. When you log into Windows 10 computer with your Microsoft account credentials, you can sync settings and information so that if you need you are able to access your settings, files, folders, and documents globally. After you sign in, your computer is affixed to Microsoft online server or cloud. Let us see this in a more clear way!

With the sync settings on, you can actually experience the same Start Menu, the selected colors, favorites, your web browser settings, language preferences, ease of access, apps and passwords of your Windows 10 computer to another Windows 10 computer anywhere. The settings get synced between the computers when you choose to sync settings.

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How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10

  • Launch Settings from the Start Menu.

How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10 image

accounts option on pc settings in windows 10

  • On the left column, click Sync your settings.

  • Now the right pane exhibits you some options. To sync settings, use the slider of Sync settings option and toggle it to ON.

Configure Sync your Settings Windows 10

Sync Individual Settings

  • But if you wish to keep few things personal and don’t prefer to sync all the settings, you can always choose individual sync settings.
  • Under the Individual Sync Settings section, you can see many settings listed.

individual sync settings sliders

  • Switch OFF the settings you don’t prefer to sync and turn ON those which you want to get synced.

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  • 17 thoughts on “How to Configure Sync your Settings in Windows 10

    1. Rosemary Auld says:

      I am not able to sync all my personal emails. Can only receive junk mail and ads from stores. Losing all personal emails.

    2. DONNISHA HILL says:


    3. Hey wiffen
      Check whether the folder is included in OneDrive through properties.

    4. christopher wiffen says:

      downloaded windows 10. lost all my stored emails in folders. how do I get them back. keep getting not synced yet but settings won’t let me sync. help

    5. gdeniseandrews says:

      thank-you for the instructions and help

    6. gdeniseandrews says:

      I had difficulty with my syncing and I received help from practically every help option Microsoft Edge offers. I am a total amateur in operating my PC and I am so surprised at the patience from the Microsoft Properties

    7. under my sync settings I do not have a switch for apps. Help

    8. since Windows 10 installed I have been having problems with my computer, e.g. extremely long wait times for requested site to come up

    9. Can sync, my IPhone or IPad with Windows 10 and Outlook. Need help with contacts also…. upon installing Windows 10… they just disappeared.

    10. I need to download items that consume longer than what my Windows 10 snuggles. As a result, some of the things I download stop and I have to start over again. Right now, all I can do to check this is come back to my laptop every few minutes, touch the space bar or enter key to keep the computer running and the download going. How can I set Windows 10 to stay on longer?

    11. I need help! My email will open but disappears within a few seconds.
      How do I keep it open?

      Thank You

    12. Hi David. You can change the default font on windows 1o through registry editor. This is quite a long process. I will write an article on this topic in coming days.

    13. How do I change the text font on windows 10?

    14. Clearly, no option is available on Windows 10 to alter brightness if you talk about PC.

    15. Elanore Forbes says:

      Really enjoying all the new features in Windows 10.

      One issue I’m having is I don’t have any control over the brightness in
      the “windows camera”.

      It will let me switch from “auto” to “pro” but it doesn’t let me save the
      brightness setting and when it goes back to “auto” the setting is way to dark.
      Even with every light on in the room I’m in , I’m barely visible.

      Thank you to anyone who can help me fix this issue.
      Keep up the good work !

    16. Wally Dedmond says:

      Please help asap.
      Downloaded Windows 10. Love it so far with one problem.
      I need to print some online bank statements, but I can sign on to my online banking account. I can sign on with my android phone. (Sorry, don’t put all my eggs in one basket.) A brown MS screen appeared once to say something about security, but I lost it.
      I really need these bank statements. H E L P !!

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