How to Customize Themes on Windows 10

How to Customize Themes on Windows 10 – We always prefer to organize things in our own way as per our selection and fondness whether it is related to our attire or decorating our home or enhance our workplace. And the same thing is absorbed when it comes to our computers and laptops. Windows has always come up with a pack of customization features in its every edition and it is the most adaptable operating system that anyone can work with. The simplest customization you can do is to change the visual effects, such as the desktop backgrounds, sound schemes at the occurrence of different events, manage the color selection and the translucent level, and select the screensaver and many more things like that. All the changes can be done manually and individually, but you can also pick up a new theme and configure everything.


Windows theme incorporates everything like colors, wallpapers, and sounds and provides a whole brand new appearance to your computer. In this post, we will explain you about how to Customize Themes on Windows 10.

To Customize Themes on Windows 10, you need to open the Personalization window. There are few methods of getting into the window. We provide you all the basic methods.

How to Access Personalization on Windows 10

Method 1

  • The most common way of obtaining the Personalization window in Windows 10 is to access it from the arrived context menu after right-clicking on the vacant area of the desktop.
Right click desktop context menu displays Personalize

Method 2

  • Alternatively, there is also a longer way of accessing it.
  • Spread the glassy Start Menu on your screen and click Settings.
Transparent Start Menu displays Settings app and symbol
  • Upon the arrival of Settings app, click Personalization.
Settings app lists categories

Note: You can open Personalization from Control Panel also. But most of the settings have been removed from there.

First Look of the Personalization Window From Control Panel

  • In this part, we will take a glimpse of the Personalization window retrieved from Control Panel. The Personalization window exhibits you the installed themes.
  • And also, it includes three different segments. They are My Themes, Windows Default Themes, and High Contrast Themes.
Personalization window accessed from Control Panel

My Themes: The themes you have installed on your Windows are listed here. Also, you can see the created or modified themes.

Windows Default Themes: The default themes of Windows are seen in this section.

High Contrast Themes: The transparent thing is absent in this type of themes. Only the high and contrast colors are present.

How to Customize Themes on Windows 10

There are few things you can personalize or Customize Themes on Windows 10. A theme consists of desktop background, color, sound, and screensaver. And so, you can customize each and every feature of these four items. All these items get changed with the change in the theme.

The next part of the article How to Customize Themes on Windows 10 deals with the personalization of each aspect.

How to Customize Desktop Background in Windows 10

Windows 10 provides you three aspects to choosing any one for the desktop background. Let us open the Personalization category of the Settings app to proceed further in this section.

  • When you open the Personalization set of settings, you are able to view its sub settings on the left margin of the window. Click Background.
Background settings from Personalization
  • Take a look at the right plane of the window and you can see a section that reads a heading Background.
  • Now, to see what does this section has to offer you, Click its pull-down menu and you are served with three options: Picture, Solid Color, and Slideshow.
Three options for Background Desktop

A detailed article on the desktop background is covered separately. We recommend you to take a tour of that article to learn more from this topic.

How to Personalize Desktop Background on Windows 10

How to Customize the Colors used in Windows 10

  • To personalize the colors of the Windows, be into the Personalization category of the Settings app.
  • From the left column, click Colors segment.
Color segment of Personalization category
  • Cast a look on the right pane and you can see a heading Preview.
  • The first option says Automatically pick an accent color from my background. When you checkmark its box, Windows will automatically choose a color from your background image.
Pick accent color from the background
  • If you leave it Off, you can pick up the favorite one from the palette above.
  • Windows also provide you an option to turn on or off the transparency feature of Start, Taskbar and Action Center. See the last option Make Start, Taskbar and Action Center transparent.
  • In order to give some hue to the Taskbar, Start and Action Center, turn on the option that says Show color on Start, Taskbar,  and Action Center.
  • Subsequently, if you desire to display color on the title bar, the next option will help you. So, turn on the toggle Show color on title bar or oppositely turn off, as per your choice.
  • In the last, you will see the option that allows picking a Light or Dark app mode.
Other colors options under Color segment to Customize Themes on Windows 10

How to Customize Sound Scheme in Windows 10

The sounds you hear on the happening of the events are called sound schemes. Changing the sound scheme of a particular event is time taking. You can create or modify a new scheme. The configuration of sounds is itself a huge topic. Well, nothing to get tensed, just follow the link and can know everything about the sounds section.

Sound Scheme in Windows 10 – How to Change, Create, Save, Delete

sound calender reminder

How to Customize Mouse Cursors in Windows 10

  • To personalize the mouse cursors, you need to be in the Personalization category and then into the Themes segment.
  • On the right side, you can see different link, click Mouse pointer settings.
  • Or you can navigate to Control Panel’s Mouse icon.
  • The Mouse Properties window pops up with the attention on the Pointers tab.

Open the drop-down menu of the Scheme section and select the pre-installed mouse pointer scheme of your choice. As per the selected scheme, you will see the sets of mouse pointers in the Customize section.

Mouse Properties in Windows 10

Choose the mouse pointer of your preference and click Apply button followed by a tap on the OK button.

You can even go with the Enable pointer shadow. More on the mouse cursors and pointer is written in this article. Follow the link and get explored to more options.

How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10 and Change Scheme

Enable pointer shadow check-box

How to Customize Screen Saver on Windows 10

  • To open screen saver settings window, navigate to the Personalization category in the Settings window and be into the Lock Screen segment on the left.
  • Now, see the bottom of the right pane of Lock Screen and you can see a Screen saver settings link. Click on it.
  • A new Screen Saver Settings window pops up on your display screen.  To pick up a new screen saver click on the drop-down menu of the Screen saver. Pick up the screen saver you wished to apply for the Windows theme.
Screen saver options

The None option is selected when you wish not to use any screen saver. To deactivate the screen saver you can choose this option.

Take a look of the selected screen saver by clicking on the Preview button.

Preview the selected screen saver

Save the changes done by hitting the Apply and the Ok buttons respectively.

We have penned down a detailed article on the customization of the screen saver. You can access it from here:

How to Change and Configure Screen Saver on Windows 10

How to Save or Delete Themes in Windows 10

Once you have over to Customize Themes on Windows 10, make sure to save them by clicking the Save theme of the Personalization window. Also, provide a name to your theme and tap the Save button.

save theme in synced theme link on windows 10 personalization

Now, keep in mind that in order to delete any theme, it should not be active. You cannot delete the active themes. Set any other theme and then remove the one you wish. Right click on the selected theme and click Delete theme. The theme will be removed.

delete synced theme on windows 10 personalization

The End

All the basic settings related to the computer are related to the Personalization window. We all love to change the settings and want the computer to look as per our tastes. With the Personalization window, apart from Customize Themes on Windows 10, you can do so many tweaks related to desktop backgrounds, colors, sounds, screensavers and also work on the mouse pointers. We tried to cover all the possible customization settings of the Personalization window. Links to most of the topics are given in their respective sections. We request you to visit them in case you want to gather more information. Share your views with us and let us know if we missed anything about this interesting topic of Windows 10.


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