DisableWinTracking: Windows 10 Privacy tool to stop tracking

Windows 10 Privacy tool DisableWinTracking stops native tracking effectively.

DisableWinTracking - Windows 10 Privacy tool to stop tracking

Microsoft had been arguing that the telemetry features and functions are there to improve the user experience. They wanted to get feedback and responses on the new features more easily this way. However, this may offend users who are sensitive about their data privacy. DisableWinTracking allows users to disable such functions and features in Windows 10 that tracks your location and collects data of your device usage and activities.

DisableWinTracking, or Disable Windows 10 Tracking, is a privacy protection tool developed a year ago. It is for preventing native data tracking of any sort by the operating system. With so many cases of hacking and scamming happening just about every day, it is natural and pretty obvious to grow skeptical. You’d want to take all the measures possible to keep your system as safe as possible and to keep your personal data protected. The recent versions and editions of Windows 10 had attracted ridicule from the users in the sense that it does not respect the privacy of the users, as it has location tracking and data collection features. While many of them can be disabled during the set-up process, some of them are hidden and almost inaccessible for normal users.

More about DisableWinTracking

DisableWinTracking, as noted earlier, protects your privacy in a simple manner. It is an open-source app that brings a user-friendly way of stopping any location tracker and data-collecting features.

Basically, the tool does some registry tweaks. It is possible for users to change those registry entries in Windows even without the tool as well. However, we recommend it only to advanced users. This is because wrongly done changes in the registry can mess up the whole computer.

There are multiple apps available out there, which are somewhat similar to that of Disable Windows 10 Tracking. But the latter is user-friendlier and has better ratings. So, if you’d like to make your activities on Windows 10 more secure and would like to have better privacy, you can certainly check out Disable Windows 10 Tracking.

Here are some quick tips and warnings before you get this application and use it:

    • Create a restore point before you download the application
    • Take a backup of any important files

Download DisableWinTracking.

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