Galaxy Camera GC100 How to update to UBBMB1 Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware

The Samsung has released new official firmware updates for the Galaxy Camera GC100 model. It is known GC100UBBMB1 supported Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. In some countries, Samsung has sent OTA message in order to update UBBMB1 firmware using the Samsung KIES app. If you have not received update message still now then it may be done through manually (ODIN method). In this context, I am going to explain simple tips to install UBBMB1 firmware on Galaxy GC100 camera.


The GC100UBBMB1 firmware is only for Galaxy GC 100 camera. Don’t attempt it on any other galaxy Android camera. Besides, howto-connect will not be held liable if your camera gets dead during the firmware update process. We recommend you to start the firmware update process at your personal risk.

Galaxy Camera UBBMB1 Android 4.1.2 Firmware Information



Version – Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Released Date – March 2013

Take care to Pre-requisite points

  • Download and Install Galaxy USB driver to your computer. It will help you to connect your Galaxy GC100 camera with USB cable.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode on your GC100 camera from settings menu.
  • Your GC100 camera should be fully charged before starting firmware update procedure. It is important because you may face a difficult situation like dead or damage due to low battery power.
  • You need to take backup of GC100 camera entire data (apps, videos, photos, settings) to memory card. Otherwise, you can also use Samsung KIES app to your computer with the purpose to backup from the GC camera.

How to update Android 4.1.2 UBBMB1 Jelly Bean firmware on Galaxy GC100 Camera:

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Step 1 

At first, you have to download both zip files to your computer and extract it to any particular folder on the desktop.

Download Android 4.1.2 GC100UBBMB1 official firmware in zip file

Download ODIN flash V3.07  tool in zip file

Step 2

Then Power off your GC100 camera and start it into download mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume Down, Home buttons jointly and then press the Power button for few seconds until you will receive the Samsung logo along with Android robot triangle logo. At this time, press the Home button to launch into download mode.

Step 3

Make sure that you have installed USB driver to your computer. Now launch ODIN flash tool window with administrator privilege. To do it, right-click on odin.exe files and choose Run as administrator menu from right context panel. Then connect GC100 camera to your computer through USB cable in the download mode.

Step 4

If your GC100 camera is connected effectively then ID box titled section will change into yellow and it will display also connected COM port number. But this process takes around 5-10 minute.

Step 5

Now select the following flash files from the extracted GC100UBBMB1firmware folders (see in step1) in ODIN window.

  • Click on the PDA button and select file with CODE in its name.
  • Click on the Phone and select file with MODEM in its name. Deny this step if it is missing.
  • Click on the CSC and select file with CSC in its name. Avoid this step if such file is absent.
  • Click on the‘PIT and select the .pit file. Take no notice of this step if it is missing.

Step 6

In ODIN window, check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options.

Now click on the Start button in ODIN window to start the firmware update procedure. It would finish about 20-25 minutes.

Step 7

Once the firmware installation procedure is finished, your GC100 camera will reboot automatically. While you receive the home screen of installed firmware, remove the USB cable from the computer.

Now your Samsung Galaxy GC100 Camera will run with installed Android 4.1.2 UBBMB1 firmware. To know installed update firmware, go to Settings and tap on About phone option at the bottom.

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