KB4532695 for Windows 10 1903 18362.628 and 1909 18363.628

Microsoft has rolled out KB4532695 for Windows 10 1903 and 1909 which takes the versions to 18362.628 and 18363.628 respectively.

KB4532695 for Windows 10 1903 18362.628 and 1909 18363.628

Microsoft has just rolled out KB4532695 which increases Windows 10 1909 Version to 18363.628 and 1903 to 18362.628. The release note isn’t made available till now.  Whenever it is available we will update here.

KB4532695 for Windows 10 1903 18362.628 and 1909 18363.628

CAB file for x64 340MB

CAB for x86 180MB

ARM64 380MB



  1. The patch makes the accuracy of Windows Hello face authentication better.
  2. KB4532695 Updates a problem that changes the user-customized order of tiles in the Start menu even though the layout is fully or partially locked.
  3. The patch works on grey box that appears when you search under Control Panel and File Explorer.
  4. It updates an issue that hinders File Explorer Quick access control from pasting clipboard content using the right mouse button (right-click).
  5. KB4532695 update File Explorer Quick access control does not receive user input.
  6. The patch works on touch keyboard that closes when you select any key.
  7. Updates multiplayer PC games that drop the invitation to play in multiplayer mode.
  8. The package updates unplugging a USB type C hub flash drive that causes error.
  9. Patch works on incorrect indicators for offline and online files.

KB4532695 Improvements and fixes

Windows 10, version 1909

  • KB4532695 addresses Quick access control of File Explorer obstructs pasting clipboard content with the help of the right mouse button.
  • Package Addresses File Explorer’s Quick access control fails to receive user input.

Windows 10, version 1903

  • This non-security patch addresses Windows Mixed Reality generates problems after upgrading to a new edition of Microsoft Edge.
  • Package works on download notifications that have varied short-duration tabs and redirects.
  • The cumulative patch tries to solve a problem that breaks the user-customized order of tiles in the Start menu.  The update addresses even though the layout is fully or partially locked.
  • KB4532695 works on memory leak in ctfmon.exe that happens when you refresh an app that has an editable box.
  • Package addresses a keyboard reliability problem for classic applications in the Mixed Reality home.
  • The non-security update addresses Language Bar fails to appear when user signs in to a new session. This issue comes despite the Language Bar is configured properly.
  • You couldn’t sign in with more than one certificate into software Indirect Display drivers. This update addresses the issue.
  • Patch tries to solve unsigned program files that will not run when Windows Defender Application Control is in Audit Mode. However, it will allow unsigned images to run.
  • KB4532695 for Windows 10 1909 addresses LSASS process stops working when sign in with an updated user principal name (UPN). For instance, changing UserN@contoso.com to User.Name@contoso.com). The error code that appears is 0xc0000005 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
  • Patch works on  Always On Virtual Private Network that becomes unable to eliminate the “Name Resolution Policy Table (NRPT)” rules subsequent to you disconnect.
  • The non-security update works on the Print Management console that might throw script error when you enable the Extended View option.
  • Patch tries to fix Windows firewall that drops network traffic from Modern applications as Microsoft Edge. The problem occurs when you connect to a corporate network using a virtual private network.
  • The update tries to fix incorrect indicators that appear for both offline and online files.
  • KB4532695 tries to fix ntdsutil.exe that blocks you from moving Active Directory database files. Error message is something like – Move file failed with source <original_full_db_path> and Destination <new_full_db_path> with error 5 (Access is denied).
  • The non-security patch works on netdom.exe is unable to correctly identify trust relationships when an unconstrained delegation is explicitly turned on by adding bitmask 0x800 to the trust object.
  • The patch tries to fix addresses Application Virtualization (App-V) Streaming Driver (appvstr.sys) that leaks memory. This problem occurs when you turn on Shared Content Store (SCS) mode.

Source – Release note.

Download from Microsoft update catalog.

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