Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 Release with Bug Fixes

Cloning utility Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 release came out with some significant improvements and bug Fixes.

Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 Release With Bug Fixes

Talking about Backup and clone solutions only a few are perfectly compatible with Windows OS. Macrium Reflect is one of them that regularly releases updates to keep the software error free and meet users’ requirements.

Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 release came out with some important bugfixes and improvements. Some of them are regarding resolution for Error reading Image file error, volume detection, rescue environment and more.

Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 Changelog

Here is the list of changelog for Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 –

Error: ‘Error reading Image file’

  • Many users have encountered – Error reading Image file – when creating Delta Incremental Images. This has been resolved.

The developers recommend rebuilding the rescue media if currently built with version 7.2.4711 to make sure compatibility with your backup sets.

Volume detection fix in Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732

  • The software would fail to identify file systems that are formatted on Dynamic volumes spanning disks using 4K sector sizes. This has been also resolved.

Rescue Media Builder

  • Macrium Reflect v7.2.4732 fixes an issue that commences the rescue environment from the recovery boot created menu that occurred in version 7.2.4711.

Note – Running this full installer or patch will automatically resolve the current boot menu. In case, the problems persist then kindly launch RMBuilder and remove or re-add the boot menu.

  • Transferring PE staging files to another drive would lead to duplication of the Macrium or boot subfolder. This has been fixed.

Remark – If a damaged PE staging folder structure is identified by RMBuilder then it will be automatically deleted.

Source – Macrium.

Download the utility.

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