ElevenClock 4.3.2 adds how the app detects if the taskbar is hidden or not

Improvements, changes, and download links for ElevenClock 4.3.2 version.

ElevenClock 4.3.2

Only after a week of the release of a new version, ElevenClock gets a small update The previous version was 4.3.1 and this update is ElevenClock 4.3.2. This release includes an improvement in how the app detects if the taskbar is hidden or not. Furthermore, the tool added a new clock icon for users on Windows 11 Dev and Canary Builds.

The app is loaded with feature-rich settings and it allows one to change clock position and size, appearance, Date and time settings, tooltip appearance, and more.  This update set a new clock icon for insiders running Windows 11 Dev and Canary Builds. If you have enabled automatic update (turned on by default) through General settings then nothing to worry about as ElevenClock 4.3.2 will be installed itself.

Changes and improvements in ElevenClock 4.3.2

Here is the changelog:

Improved how ElevenClock detects if the taskbar is hidden or not

Added new clock icon for users on Windows 11 Dev and Canary Builds

The clock can be positioned at the top, bottom, and left of the screen horizontally and vertically using ElevenClock. Besides, you can change height, as well as width of the clock. The settings feature allows to use a custom font size, background color, align the clock text to center, and disable clock’s blurry texture. You can add seconds, show date, week number, and weekday with the clock using ElevenClock. Several customizations can be made regarding tooltip appearance.

ElevenClock 4.3.2 improved the capability to detect if the taskbar is hidden. Now Windows 11 Canary and Dev channel are also supported by this application.

To automatically update to the latest ElevenClock version go to its Settings and expand General settings by clicking on the flap. Select the options “Automatically check for updates” and “Automatically install available updates”.

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ElevenClock 4.3.2 Download links:

Release note

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