How to Make a Clone Hard Disk to Backup

Sometimes you need to make an exact copy of your hard drive with new hard disk and protect from a Trojan or Virus. It is also a useful process to take backup of your computer’s hard drive regularly. Suppose that you have to hand over your computer and you don’t like to spend a whole day in order to burn multiple DVDs for data backup  purpose of your hard drive. Besides, you don’t have any external USB hard drive. In this condition, you have a better option to make a clone hard disk. There are several programs that let you make a clone of the entire hard drive. If you want to know how to clone your hard drive then check out this tip.

A hard drive clone word suggests like make the exact copy of your hard drive. All folders, files, and options are found accurately in the same shapes after making a clone hard disk. This method is very helpful for those that have purchased a new computer and they like to sell their old hard drive after backup all the data. Making a clone of the hard disk will copy everything to the new hard disk drive with free space when you connect this hard disk to a new computer.


The destination hard disk drive that you want to make a clone will be equal or having higher free space than your old hard disk (source hard drive).

Clone Hard Disk to Backup

How to Make a Clone Hard Disk to Backup

Before you begin to make a clone hard disk, confirm that your destination hard drive is connected to your computer. If all things are working well, then you need to do is start with your cloning software.

Next, select the source and destination hard drives carefully and check other options that the cloning software offers. Once everything is finished, start the cloning process and wait for your hard drive to be cloned.

In terms of software, you can either clone your hard drive or make a drive image and save it on any external backup drive. Here, I have listed some most used software that you can use to make clone hard disk.

  • EaseUS Backup Free

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