Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts Complete/Full List

Complete or full list of Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Microsoft Edge DevTools provides web developers with a wide range of tools to detect and deal with any problems related to web pages and apps. These tools can be used to inspect element layout, design CSS styles, locate performance complications, and more. The tools also have keyboard shortcuts for easy and quick access which you can also find in the tooltips. But here in this article, you will get an entire list of Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts that can make your work pretty easier.

Once you hover over a UI element of DevTools to show its tooltip, the element will display its shortcut, if the tooltip includes it. But to keep everything on your fingertips, go through the complete list of Edge DevTools keyboard shortcuts. Let’s start –

Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the Complete/Full List of Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts –

Elements Panel

? ? Navigate elements
?? Expand/collapse
Enter Enter Edit attribute
H Hide element
F2 Toggle edit as HTML

Styles Pane

Tab Shift+Tab Next/previous property
? Increment value
? Decrement value
 PageUp Shift+? Increment by 10
 PageDown Shift+? Decrement by 10
Shift+PageUp Increment by 100
Shift+PageDown Decrement by 100
Alt+? Increment by 0.1
Alt+? Decrement by 0.1


 F8 Ctrl+\ Pause/ Continue
 F10 Ctrl+’ Step over
 F11 Ctrl+; Step into
 Shift+F11 Ctrl+Shift+; Step out
 Ctrl+. Ctrl+, Next/previous call frame
Ctrl+Shift+E Evaluate selection in console
Ctrl+Shift+A Add selection to watch
Ctrl+B Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl+Shift+B Toggle breakpoint enabled
Ctrl+F8 Toggle all breakpoints
Ctrl+Alt+B Open breakpoint editor


Ctrl+L Clear console
Tab ? Accept suggestion
Ctrl+U Clear console prompt
?? Next/previous line
Enter Execute command

Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts for Text Editor

Ctrl+Shift+O Go to member
Ctrl+Space Autocompletion
Ctrl+G Go to line
Alt+- Jump to previous editing location
Alt++ Jump to next editing location
Ctrl+/ Toggle comment
Alt+? Increment CSS unit by 1
Alt+? Decrement CSS unit by 1
Alt+PageUp Increment CSS unit by 10
Alt+PageDown Decrement CSS unit by 10
Ctrl+D Select next occurrence
Ctrl+U Soft undo
Ctrl+M Go to matching bracket
Alt+W Close editor tab
Alt+O Switch between files with

the same name and

different extensions.

Performance Panel

Ctrl+E Start/stop recording
Ctrl+Shift+E Record page reload
Ctrl+S Save profile
Ctrl+O Load profile
[ ] Jump to previous/next frame
Ctrl+H Pick a recording from history
 Alt+? Alt+? Show previous/next


Memory Panel

Ctrl+E Start/stop recording

Layers Panel

0 Reset view
X Switch to pan mode
V Switch to rotate mode
Shift Temporarily toggle

pan/rotate mode while held

Shift++  Numpad+ Zoom in
Shift+-  Numpad- Zoom out
?W?S Pan or rotate up/down
?A?D Pan or rotate left/right

Microsoft Edge DevTools Keyboard Shortcuts for All Panels

Ctrl+[ Ctrl+] Go to the panel to the left/right
Ctrl+Tilde Show console
Esc Toggle drawer
Ctrl+Shift+M Toggle device mode
Ctrl+Shift+D Toggle dock side
Ctrl+F Search
Ctrl+Shift+F Search across all sources
Ctrl+Shift+C Select node to inspect
Ctrl+P Go to source

That’s all!!!

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