How to Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

Print a web page in Microsoft Edge – This browser facilitates you to draw printout of your favorite webpage. When you browse a web page in Microsoft Edge, you come across an interesting idea to print the web page triggered in your mind. So, in this post, we will share you the steps to print a web page in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Just like Chrome web browser, on Microsoft Edge pressing Ctrl+P is sufficient to open print window. On the print window, you can customize the settings to get the printout in the paper having  desired size and quality. But you could do in manually too through more actions on Microsoft Edge.

If you are reading an important article and need to make some changes web note feature is available in Microsoft Edge. The browser allows you to save and share the changes. Apart from this, you can set a custom start page whether it be a or another one.

How to Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

  • Open Edge browser and browse the web page of your preference.
  • Either Click Ctrl+P or More actions button at the top last end of the browser.
More actions option in Edge
  • This launches few options, click Print.
Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge
  • A print window spreads up. Click Print as PDF button. A drop down opens up. Choose Add a Printer (If a printer is not added till now). But remember that if the printer is already added then only press the Print button visible in the bottom portion.
  • As soon as you click Add a printer a settings window uncovers where you can see Searching for Printer and Scanner. If you have added a printer the settings window displays it after a while unless add the printer cable to your PC port and click Refresh.
searching for printer on settings window
  • Return Back to the Print window and click on Print button.
  • You see various tools of customization here like orientation, pages, etc. Do the changes as required. You can practice with changing the print settings on your own choice.
  • Portrait and Landscape are to choose whether you want to take the print in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Pages option lets you choose the numbers of pages you want to print at one time.
  • Scale facilitates to set the size of the page.
  • Margins allow to scaling the distance of pages from the edge of the window.
  • And finally, you can set to put on or off the header and footer to have in the printout you are getting.

This way, you can print a web page in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10  applying various tools presented.

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9 thoughts on “How to Print a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

  1. I am able to print from my Epson Workforce Printer with Internet Explorer and Chrome but having no luck in doing that from Windows 10 Edge browser. I downloaded Epson’s most recent drivers but I don’t view a print button when I choose to print a page. I right click the screen, but no print option appears. Very frustrating.

  2. Hi. I read the above. It goes into setting up a printer. This is NOT the question, this would be a digression.
    Anyway, when I “right-click” I do not get the above example; I get a totally different print screen. I’m not sure where I got it; the printer software Epson maybe.

  3. I couldn’t understand this issue. I have asked on Microsoft community. Whenever I get answer I will give update.

  4. why is my ‘Print’ option in the (‘more options’ …)and others (to be exact: ‘Zoom’, ‘Find on page’, ‘Print’, ‘Pin to Start’, ‘F12 Developer Tools’, and ‘Open with Internet Explorer’) a faded grey????/not an option -can’t click on them, …how can I use this options? – Yes, ‘ctrl/p’ brings me up with the printer screen, but what about those five other options???

  5. I followed the instructions in e: us of “more actions”. One of the options was “Open with Internet Explorer”. Clicked it. Works just fine.

  6. You can’t return to the original window of Edge. If you want to make change you will have to start again after closing the Print page

  7. In Microsoft Edge, How do I return to the previous page (where option “Print” is) when I choose “More Settings”? I wanted to select print on both sides, in order to save paper.

  8. The printout will be saved to your document folder where you can rename it.

  9. What I can’t find is how to choose a name for the printout and how I choose where to save it to (when I print it to a file) on my computer.

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